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Antique Chambers Stove - $100?

I also have an antique chambers stove. It is in overall good condition but definitely needs some TLC. We renovated the kitchen a while back and we decided to go with new appliances. This is a cool stove. At the time I moved it to the garage, everything worked. I THINK it needs a new thermostat or have the existing one rebuilt. My wife also trashed the griddle top by using oven cleaner on it so that needs to be re-chromed. Overall, everything else was in working condition and I have all the parts for the "crock pot" which is really cool way to cook stuff.

Not really looking for money on this, but don't want it to end up in the scrap yard either. This thing ways roughly 400 pounds so it is HEAVY and does have some scrap value I am sure. But, I would really like it to find a new home and get renovated and put back in use. It is a really cool stove and could be the center/conversation piece of a kitchen.

Here is the post I put on Craigslit. http://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/app/2617819796.html

Again, I can scrap this thing and make that $$$. I would prefer to NOT do that though and have someone enjoy it as I did for 15 years while we used it. This is located in St. Petersburg.

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