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Team Mayhem Miami Offshore 09-24

Headed out early Saturday morning with the intention of looking for some dolphin and enjoying an easy day on the water. We had a beautiful ride out of Gov't cut and fished the edge down towards Fowey.
We headed offshore and found some nice scattered weed about 12 miles off shore. We found a couple of fairly large patches and picked up some small dolphin on our first few passes. Then picked up a little blackfin. On our 4th or 5th pass I decided to stop the boat and let the baits fall to see if anything was deeper. As if it were straight out of the text book one of the squid baits got hit and we picked up this nice Dolphin. I have to give Josh the credit for the fish though. I just can't get that picture to load up....We trolled around a little longer but this was the last fish of the day. The final tally was three or four dolphin and one Blackfin. We were back at the dock by 2 and missed the storms.
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