11/30 Beautiful Weather Crystal Clear Water and Schools of Hungry Reds an Trout.

Put the boat in around 9 Sunday morning with the kids to crystal clear water. New right then it was going to be a fun day. Water was still cold. Burrr cold. Ran to the first spot on the outgoing tide, which was a small bar, that has held some big reds as of late and we started catching 14 to 16 inch trout on about every other cast. Finally got a nice 19 inch trout for the box. My brother wanted 4 trout, no more no less, so those were the only fish we kept. I have too much fish in the freezer. We got all four off that bar. All four were 19 inches. There were no reds on the bar this time around. So we make a small move to another set of bars that are now started to come out of the water with the falling tide. The sun is now high enough for me to see so I jump up on the poling platform and start in towards the bars. As I get within casting distance I see a pack of about 5 reds milling around so I post up and tell the boys to throw up there. Jacobs cast was right in the middle of them and he hooks up instantly. I tell Josh to reel in and throw up to where Jacob was because the other ones are fired up. As soon as his bait lands he is buttoned up as well. First of many doubles of the day. After the two were landed, I stayed posted there for a few and we had two more small packs swim by and had another double and a triple. The triple was a circus due to me being still up on the platform but we made it happen.....some how. I came down off the platform to give a hand with the triple and wouldn't you know it as soon as I released my redfish I look up and there was another one cruising about 10 foot in front of the boat. I flipped my fluke about 5 foot in front of him and as soon as he got with in sight of it I twitched it and he smashed it. After boating it, my kids told me to get back up top and stop hogging the fish. lol There were a ton of trout as well. We caught around 100 trout threw out the day with about 50 being in the slot but nothing picture worthy. Well, any way, I un posted and started poling down the bank and found a lone red cruising, My kids could not see it so I nabbed that one off the platform. I know, selfish me. These reds were all in the 24 to 26 inch range. As I get towards the end of the bank. I tell the boys to get ready because there are always fish here. So I post up and start looking sure enough there were about 10 sitting off the bar and Josh drops his fluke right in them and hooks up instantly. The rest kind of spoke and Jacob does not get a shot. We land Josh's fish and keep looking there. Sure enough the now nine fish come pushing back in. Jacobs throws in and gets a trout. lol Josh some how gets tangled So I bust another one off the platform. We stayed there for a few more and Josh does get another one to eat. The trout kind of took over from there so we make a move. Jump back up on the platform and start down another bar. I tell the boys there are fish here and sure enough Josh has an over slot follow his fluke in but turn off. It did not spoke though, just kind of swam off. Jacob throws in that general direction and buttons up. I see it was the same fish right before the hook pulls. I pole down a little further and it is one trout after another. I get to the end of the bar and see another over slot. I point it out to Josh and tell him to cast beyond it and bring the bait back not to spoke it. Well as soon as his bait lands he buttons up. I then see 10 or so more over slots looking to see what the excitement was. Jacob throws in and we are now doubled up on 30+ inchers. As the fish swim by us I can see there were some 36 inchers mixed in. After about 5 minutes Josh unfortunately pulls the hooks on his but Jacob gets his to the boat for a photo shot. We then move to another bar and it is more of the same. It had a school of about 15 fish on it and the boys doubled up twice out of it. Hit one more bar with the same results. Once the tide stopped so did the fish.

See the fish

Catch the fish

Some double shots from up top

Random shots from the day


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