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Angelina & Avana's Savory Scents Handmade Wax Tarts Melts

Fellow fishermen and fisherwomen,

My two daughters age 9 and 6 are little entrepreneurs that started their own business a while ago.

It's called Angelina & Avana's Savory Scents.

They make,with my help, and sell Scented wax tart melts and they are darn good too.
Since Christmas is coming they make perfect stocking stuffers.

you can visit their Facebook page and give them a like or make an order or use their Etsy page.

Here is their story,

Angelina & Avana's Savory Scents is a small business created by two little girls, six, and nine, who wanted to generate their own personal income. Their idea of a lemonade stand didn't get them the results they wanted so after watching the money their mother and I spent on Candles and wax Tarts from the mall they decided this would be their best shot at generating their own income and owning their own business. So as their parents we had them sign a no interest loan from us so they would have the start up money they needed. We helped them research the equipment and materials to get started. Since they are so young I do the melting and pouring of the wax for free. Sometimes i am paid with hugs and kisses. They set up the containers pick the colors, scents, names and stir the wax. After it has cooled they label it and add it to their inventory. Their mother and I act as consultants on big decisions. This venture is 100% kid owned and operated and if they decide to end the business then after the last order is shipped and the start up fee is returned the venture is over. But so far so good!


Just remember that everything you do in life will come with a receipt.
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