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GetWreckedGetWrecked Posts: 2 Greenhorn

Grouper Fishing in Miami brought to you by Get Wrecked Fishing. You saw our underwater footage of wrecks loaded with fish. Now watch Captain Alex from Miami Inshore Fishing put us on the Fish!

We started the day as usual catching bait and getting chum. Then Captain Alex put us on his spots and it was on! We caught Grouper, mangrove snappers, yellow jacks, and jack crevals.

Equipment: medium spinning tackle with braid and a fluorocarbon leader.

Bait: medium sized pilchards caught with a castnet. Look for birds actively diving and feeding on the water to find the school. Then use your cast net and quickly toss them in the live well.

Location: Wrecks throughout Biscayne bay. Our favorite way to fish the wrecks is to be up current and drift live bait back into the wreck.

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