Turkey Week Dolphin and Tuna off Tavernier

Managed to get out after the wind subsided on Monday with a client from Denmark. Figured I would hold off leaving until 9:30 AM and let the seas come down. The fishing action very good. Found dolphin all afternoon and into the evening. Dolphin were on small current rips and slicks. Found a couple on small white birds. Fish were between 270-350 ft for me. They were in closer as well, but found the best action in that depth so I stuck with it. Heard on the radio that the Yellowtail bite was null so opted to stick with the tuna and dolphin. Saved the grouper candy for the next trip.

Had a well full of live bait so at the end of the day we looked for sail, but no luck. A few other boats smacked them pretty good early on in the afternoon.

Have a good Thanksgiving holiday and safe travels when visiting family and friends.



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