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Four more cruse terminals at the Port

Today in the Florida Today four more terminals to be built in the port. Where will they put them? Looks like the new ramp may not last long.


  • SpaceCoast SlayerSpaceCoast Slayer Posts: 3,527 Captain
    They plan on taking 50 acres of the NMZ to build one of them.... the port will never stop... completely out of control
  • StaightmeatStaightmeat Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    It's comming, or should I say going the fishing community is going to loose any and all rights too the port. Port Everglades used to be open to the public with awesome snook and tarpon fishing, now you can't even stop in that port with out being harassed by every law agency. There used to be numerous restaurants in the Port Everglades not any more. Same thing is going to happen to canaveral.
  • bbailey_33bbailey_33 Posts: 88 Greenhorn
    can't fight Disney... plus a new stop at the Port on the Miami-Orlando high speed rail
    Make lemonade... think of all the Mangos gonna be calling the new trestle home.
    They are also supposed to punch a hole in the North side somewhere too... maybe we can get at them snook closer to home soon.

    here is an online petition (I signed)
  • Rich MRich M Posts: 1,326 Officer
    The Port is gonna be a shipping port and not all cruise terminal. The roads are gonna get widened and there will be more trucks - get ready.
  • gatorhookgatorhook Posts: 655 Officer
    The high speed disney railroad is what it's all about. Disney tried it before, but now that they own the Port of Canaveral entirely.... they will use the cargo (jobs) excuse to start the development. When it's done, highspeed here we come. Mangrove snapper are not worth the value of what we have. Redfish, Trout, and other low salinity lovers come back to this NO MOTOR ZONE because it's the last frontier for them. The Greedy Mouse never cared about the next generation of Florida. The algae blooms will continue to get worse and they will continue to restrict the flow the river. So catch them while you can. The future is full of trash.
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