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Endless Kings and Oversized Goldfish

Experienced two incredible days on the water, fished next to my good friend QuicksilverIHB one morning and even saw cbmdk86 tearing it up on his yak. We went out of the Port in search of triple tail, flounder, redfish, and kings. Both times got blanked on the TT and flounder but that was because all of our time was spent reeling in kingfish and redfish. Got the kings just passed the color change, there were also quite a few cobia out and about but we only managed to pull hooks or couldn't get them to eat. We were using 40lb Momoi's mono mainline and 43lb wire stinger rigs with two treble hooks instead of a single with a trailing treble for the kings. Got all the reds fishing the edges of the pogie pods. If you could get your bait through the sharks you usually pulled up gold. We found trimming the tails of the pogies worked pretty good.


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