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Tips for inside and just outside PC?

Doing a little family camping at Jetty Park this coming weekend and think I'll drag the boat along in hopes of getting out a time or two. It's a 16' flats boat and I'll have a six year old on board, so even if the wind and water cooperate, we won't be going more than a mile or so off and possibly staying in the port.

Any tips on fun, fast-paced fishing for the kiddo?

Are there Spanish around these days? If so, just throw little spoons or gotchas?

Aren't there supposed to be a lot of sheepshead around the pilings and such? Any tips on those? Just fiddler crabs on tiny hooks with a couple of splitshot?

Any other general suggestions on either fishing or staying out of trouble with safety zones, etc?

Any advice much appreciated...


  • bay20bay20 Posts: 1,490 Officer
    fish the north jetty just keep in mind there are quite a few snags on the bottom, outside along the beach look for diving birds should be plenty of Spanish and bluefish around. The flounder should start showing up with this colder weather can actually catch them on the jetty at jetty park.
  • ZthomasZthomas Posts: 186 Officer
    Thanks! Just checked and at this point NOAA is saying 15-20 kts and 4-6' on Sat. So I guess it's probably going to the port or the rivers.

    Mainly finger mullet and mud minnows for the flounder?

    I've often seen boats along the south side of that north jetty. What are they fishing for up there? I figured they were drifting for flounder.
  • bay20bay20 Posts: 1,490 Officer
    finger mullet for flounder, the boats drifting along the south are probably flounder fishing if I had to guess. if you can stay out of the wind the inside is always a good option.
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