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Sebastian double slam...

So today I was set to fish with forum member seadog517 ( Frank ).
We met at the Yacht club ramp at 6 and after the "secret New Yorker handshake" :grin... we were launched and on our way.
First spot I had to approach from a weird angle with the SW wind already starting to blow. It was "on" from the git-go....wailed on the Trout and jacks pretty good and Frank had 9 Trout


and I really didn't keep count on how many I was catching...but it was close to "palooza" status. Ran south to a new spot and it didn't take long till I had another trout...then a snook...and then Frank hooks up his first snook ever.... :fishing


We see a real stud of a Red but no luck and we are off to chase down a Red. By now the wind is really screaming and wind shadows are small and scarce...but we get in a little spot and after a couple jacks...Frank gets the fish he needs...He really was getting worked over on his light outfit but after a few nice runs I netted his nice Red...A "slam" for the "Yankee"... :wink


I decided to make another pass through the area and after another jack...a long cast and I'm hooked up....It's the one I need.
I'm pretty stoked at this point...Slam # 113 and my new buddy Frank his slam...and he picked up another small Red to finish up the day.
Another nice day on the water before this front gets in...

Oh, and I guess I didn't do anything to discourage frank from moving down here when he retires in 2017.... :grin
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