Sunday 11/16 with the Kids Beautiful Weather with pleanty of fish

Put the boat in around 9 am for the out going tide. Headed to the first spot and started throwing top water over some oyster bars. Got one 25 inch red and a stud trout right off the bat. Pulled the hooks on two over slot reds and had several misses before making a move. I then jumped up on the platform and turned the front of the boat over to the boys. Right off the bat, my oldest buttons up on an over slot. After a quick pic and release we push on, or should I say I push on. I poled around to the other side of the bar and see movement. Tell them to cast at 12 o'clock and My youngest makes a good cast and my oldest was tip **** and sent his skitter walk flying off into the distance. After two click clacks my youngest gets blasted and buttons up. I grab my rod out of my platform rod holder and throw into the school and button up instantly. Josh now becomes our net boy. My fish was landed first due to it being a mid slot fish and was released into the cooler for our Nana to have some fish and Jacobs was just over and hade to be released. The school followed my fish to the boat and spooked so I poled over and picked up the skitter walk that was sent flying. After a re-tie I ran over to another bar that has been holding some nice fish. Jump up and started poling in. Got one lower slot fish on the south side of the bar and poled over to the north side where the big ones had been. Told the boys not to throw up to the bar but off the bar where the grass meets the shell. My youngest put it right on the money and sure enough gets blasted by a monster but set up to quick and pulled it away. I tell him to let it sit. Now move it, and he gets blasted again. But the fish missed it. He gets blast all the way to the boat but never gets a hook in. As he gets it to the boat I see he has about 15 to 20 reds in the 33 to 36 inch range chasing his skitter walk in. Unfortunately they see us too and spook off, never to be seen again. Oh well. Pole over to another set of bars and Josh gets blasted this time and misses but this time I quickly follow him up with a fluke and instantly button up on another fat slot fish for Nana. I then pole down the bar and both boys get a double of mid slot fish. We have plenty of fish for Nana now so we are catch and releasing. The bars were showing good now so I decided to run back into a creek. (so I can fish too) got back to a honey hole and the currant had come to a stand still. We boated about 15 rat reds and 20 or so trout with one being another fat 22 incher before calling it a day around 1 pm. We were ready for lunch.


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