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Hammers First Trip back to the Tortugas Part 2 of 2



  • Reef BanditReef Bandit Posts: 1,029 Officer
    Spear'em, Where did you move off to? I thought you died or even worse, found a woman that could put up with you.
    ps. the key to keeping them off your back is fishing LOTS of different boats. LOL
  • Spear'em!Spear'em! Posts: 177 Officer
    Why are you telling me this now???? I'm still local. Don't really fish anymore but I'm getting the itch to hear a drag scream! Waiting till I see the silver of the inside of the spool and I have to cup the school and break her off or stop her and be a hero!
    I got stuck fishing one boat and felt like I couldn't take it anymore> Don't get me wrong the owner is a geat person but a man can only take so much! Guess the relationship between being a best friend and an employee can easily be distorted!
    Did you show that girl on the first trip back what the canon is all about?:rotflmao Maybe without the story behind it!
  • ZimmerNoleZimmerNole Posts: 9,244 Officer
    Great report regardless of when its from. I always enjoy hammers stories and "details"
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  • Reef BanditReef Bandit Posts: 1,029 Officer
    No, she didn't get the cannon tour, at least not by me. It's my buddies dgt and this Hammer doesn't hit that nail. LOL
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