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Yankee Capts 11/6-9 Mutton Marathon

Everything was perfect; the drive down wasn't too bad, picked up bait (goggle eyes and speedos) with no problem, the forecast was for 1-2 ft seas, a fairly light load (26 I think) of friendly anglers was amassed, and the crew was ready, willing and able. The only problem turned out to be the current. It was screaming. Greg tried to move around to get out of it but to no avail. I used 12 oz's most of the trip.

There were yellow tails everywhere we went. To me they were a nuisance because I generally do not target them. To the chicken riggers they were heaven sent. I just wish the chicken riggers would not feel they need to get closer to you when catch a decent fish. The catch that I saw consisted of the usual suspects: yellow tails, kingfish, red groupers, black groupers (a 31 lber was caught), strawberrys, muttons, dog snappers, mangrove snapper, trigger fish, and black fin tuna. Did I mention yellow tails? At the dock I think I counted 20 totes.

For the conditions and considering I don't spend the whole trip on the rail anymore (getting old and fat is a b****), I don't feel I did too bad. I had 2 groupers, 2 muttons, 2 dog fish (a first for me), a big trigger, and an assortment of yellow tails. I'm a lousy photographer and didn't take many pictures.

Biggest of my two dog fish.

Hats off to the crew - Capt Greg, Lyndon, Johnny, Matt, Joe & Briso - who did their usual outstanding job. They were there when you needed them whether to gaff a fish or untangle a rats nest. Joe's breakfast and dinner were great.


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