Selling house and moving=new lake to fish

I recently moved and lucky for me our new house is on an awesome lake. Here is a video from what has been caught so far, with hopefully many more to come. [video=vimeo;111429070]


  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,702 Moderator
    Cool ! Lake looks really healthy and full of fat bass.

    Thanks for the post.
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  • Water BearWater Bear Posts: 83 Greenhorn
    Nice production! Looking forward to the next one.
  • Procraft1750Procraft1750 Posts: 46 Deckhand
    Is that in or near Fern Park?
  • FernParkKayakerFernParkKayaker Posts: 39 Deckhand
    Interesting...see my username? I have been fishing this lake for over 4 years now(live on as well, sort of). You caught some good fish. This lake has some huge fish in it, and its one if not the best smaller lake in the Orlando area(you usually don't catch more than 4-5 fish, but they are quality fish the ones you catch). The big fish will only bite at certain times(Im talking 8lbers and up). I have caught several 10lbers. Many 5-6lber and several 7-8's. There isn't much pressure on the lake. Btw, if you don't live on the lake you can't get on(no public launches). A ex-friend of mine dad caught a 15lber here in 1988.
  • FernParkKayakerFernParkKayaker Posts: 39 Deckhand
    Hey, if you want to catch some easy 2-3lbers...the pond behind Publix in Maitalnd is pretty good. I caught 4 in there in about a hour of fishing the first time I fished there. Also, lake Sybelia in Maitland has some good "schooly" fish in it. One reason I bought a kayak so I ccould fish all the small lakes in the area. I primarily target trophy fish and use HUGE Cali style swimbaits.
  • Brooksrobinson9Brooksrobinson9 Posts: 46 Deckhand
    Thanks for the tips! I have fished Lake Sybelia before and we caught about 25 schoolers maybe up to a pound and a half or so and was a lot of fun. Ill have to try the pond by Publix though.
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