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My best red

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I wasn’t going to fish this morning since I managed three tailing reds the last two days and I figured there couldn’t be any more dumb fish around. It was so nice with no wind, I couldn’t help myself. I started off looking for snook in a few of my favorite spots and could only manage a few in the 8-10” range. Then the tide got a little too low so I thought I’ll see if I can catch a few trout for dinner. I did catch one 18’ fish, but that was it. Oh well, I had a few good days earlier. Before heading home, I decided to just try one other spot that could possibly have some reds for future reference wading. I was slowly drifting in water so shallow I had to pick up my trolling motor and I saw a group of fish coming at me. Not being that experienced at telling the difference between mullet and redfish, I could only hope. They were moving with a purpose. Then about 70’ away a few stopped and tails came up!!!! And a few looked like the might be coming my way so I laid out a cast in front waited a few seconds, strip and bang the fight was on.

I didn’t measure it, but I think it was over the slot. I didn’t weigh it, but I think I stressed my hernia repair:willynilly

I went home. Taking tomorrow off. There can’t be any more dumb fish around for a while.

I have some video, but I thought I spare you this time.


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