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Good morning! Hey Ken! Give us a weather report.

I saw a post from a friend on FB who is up in the Windy City. He said it was 40 degrees with a 15 mph wind this morning. I'm ready for a little break myself. It's 70 here with 94% humidity and going up to about 88 today. I'm ready to hunt or fish or something but I hear the trout are still hanging out on the bottom past the 7 foot mark and not really feeding. I'm not attempting the stick and string thing this year thanks to my shoulders. Maybe I need to pull a Mullet or UGAHewes and get one of those really expensive sticks that are easier to hold back than my 1992 model Hoyt.


  • illinoisfishermanillinoisfisherman Posts: 5,298 Admiral
    It was about 45 this AM but up to 52 now. Dead calm wind right now. Not a leaf moving on the trees. It may have been 40 somewhere around the city. This big Lake makes for 10-20 degree temp variation from one end of the city to the other some times. You got to remember the urban sprawl of this city is about 60 miles north to south now, that includes the suburbs.
    I feel an early winter coming.

    Good moprning folks!
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