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Angler management recent report

Sorry I'm behind on reports but it's been crazy busy.
We had 6 trips in a row so in playing catchup one video and report at a time. There is a great dolphin bite. There are a lot of schoolies from 200-1200 feet but the bigger fish are inside 60-150 feet around the jellyfish pods. We did a mix of live bait/bump/kite abd ended up with about 20 dolphin, released about 15 of them even though they were over 25" and had a few up to 22 pounds that we kept for dinner fare.
There are a ton of Spanish Mack's right at the inlet mouths. Small spoons and small yozuri lures are getting crushed.
We had 2 sails and also saw a few undersize cobias. Hopefully this front moves fast and more sails and bigger dolphins show up. Stay tuned for the reports upcoming!


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