Yankeetown 10/30 mixed bag

After striking out on snook Tuesday I wanted to try again. This time I had some backup patterns planned. Threw topwater for snook in many snooky looking spots. Didn't get any :banghead so I ran out to the islands to look for some reds. Saw some jack schools and screwed around with them then onto reds.
The rat reds were hanging out in the mullet schools. Caught about a dozen of them with only one in the slot. The tide went slack and the reds left so I moved to the grass flats to try for some trout. Water temp was 68. Caught a few small trout. They weren't out there like last year?

Also attached are two shots from a previous trip of the Goodyear blimp flying over rocky cove and a cool shot of a jack that Ted caught that had a bad day on the way in.


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