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At least we got something out of Boca

My boys and I took my nephew Frank, from NY, out for some fishing to see if we can get him something big and another nephew from here. We headed out around 7:30 am yesterday. We were planning on heading more off shore but made a last minute decision to stay in closer. We started trolling over the reef in 170'. I always forget the name of it. It's just south of the inlet. Anyway, we didn't get hit so we headed more north and found a broken weed line going from ~100' -280'. Started trolling that one with a skirted ballyhoo on a steel line reel (should have been down around 30', 300' back), another ballyhoo high, a trolling lure, and a bird chain in the wash. We we're heading from south to north @ 7 MPH on the east side of the weed line and got hit on the steel in ~240'. One quick hit that pulled the rod way down and was gone. We continued our trolling up and down it but didn't get anything.
After a bit we pulled the lines in and found that hit we got cut our steel leadered ballyhoo. King? Wahoo? Not sure what it could have been but that was 80lb single strand so I'm surprised it was cut with on quick smack.
We gave up on trolling and figured we would do some bottom fishing. We headed back to 170' and dropped down a mix of sardines, live & dead finger mullets, and a small live Jack. We got a mix bag of yellow tails, mangrove snappers, African Pompano's and Blue Runners. We bounced around reef to reef for a bit with much of the same.
I figured we would give the 170' reef one last shot. We all drop down and are getting a few small guys but nothing worth writing about. As the day started getting late, I said in a general statement "Well it looks like Frank isn't going to get anything big". No sooner did I finish the word "big", Franks gets hit but nothing great, It hit as he started to reel off the reef 3 - 5 cranks and all of a sudden this fish grew. So now he has something big that just keeps peeling line off the reel. After about a 30 second run, Frank got a few turns on the fish and was able to regain some line. Well the fish had other plans, he wanted to head west. I started up the boat and we began following this fish. He took us up to 98'. Finally he was tiring (well both the fish and Frank). Frank cranked that reel as much as possible and picked up probably 25 yards or so. Foolish of us to think we got him because he was just taking a break. We're into this fight for about 45 minutes now when the fish decides he likes deeper water so now we heading east again. He didn't get us to far when he wanted to head south. As the fish takes off I notice the tip of the rod had a weird bouncing to it. I don't know if the fish got tail wrapped of had some line in it's mouth but whatever it was, it wasn't going to stop the fish. Right around the hour mark the fish did what fish do best, broke the line. Frank was slightly upset he didn't get to see the fish but very happy he got to fight it and super impressed with the power of it.

We ended the day with a mix bag for dinner and a couple of good fish stories.
Fish as often as you can today, because you never know if the weather will let you tomorrow.


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