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Darkside 10/30 Lwi

Got a call from an old friend asking if I could do " get swordy" / Nite drift
We spent some time rigging and sewing pretty baits.
Left Lwi about 5:30 and smooth ride out.

Deployed a 5 line spread and put out a chum bag.
5 minutes later gang of dolphin showed up.
We boxed a few nice ones and jumped off 2 nice gaffers.
An hour into the drift I felt a slash / thump. Free spool fish eats runs and spits.
Did not get a good look just a shadow, but ouch.

Next we had about a 15-20lb gaffer eat lite spin.
What a riot trying to avoid tangling the baits.
Fish jumped 8' in the air, almost landed in boat!

Buoy guys caught a few rats and we called it at 11.
Very nice to get a taste of Darkside and at least fins were consolation
Prize. Dolphin tacos coming up for the flock!

Ps praying for good weather for Blue Marlin Cove wahoo tourney next weekend!
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