Oddball night out

Seems like the near shore red tide has moved our fall migrating cobia into the bays and coastal areas. Went out last night fishing the incoming tide. Was hoping to find some big snook and tarpon, but had a hard time getting our baits through..... COBIA? Wound up landing 3 up to 30lbs and broke off another pig. The cobia bit best on slack tide using Hogy HDUV Black/Purple Flake Paddle Tails on 1oz Jig Heads.


Once the tide started to dump in, we could smell and feel the burn of red tide in the water. It wasn't terrible, but it was noticeable.


Bait (Ballyhoo and Pilchards) were thick, but we stuck to jigging and casting Hogy Soft Baits to hook another 3 tarpon up to 150lb. Called it a night by 2am and spent some time at the filet table prepping the Cobia.


Looks like it's going to be good eats this weekend!

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