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Child Bride's Grits

Sometime back I posted a picture of Child Brides grits corn. She had originally got the seed from friends of ours, Randall and Liz Porter of Buckeye Creek Farm nearby. Every year Liz and Randall have a big party celebrating the end of the growing season, whatever, everyone brings a dish (oh mercy, put that hot dog back and hand me the desert), their kids, dogs, friends, but it always includes Grits Grinding. This year Child Bride, Joy, had enough to grind, or another way, enough she wanted to grind. A few pictures, including the machinery that some of you might enjoy seeing more than her grits. Now whatever, remember, they're her by God grits, and she's as happy and proud of them as she can be, and I guess, me too for her. Since I have to crop in order to post, I hope they come out ok, or sorta the same size. It's always a fun day.



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