10/26 lot's of Yellowtail, but still a tough day

Wind could not make up it's mind so left at 10:30.
Pulled away from the dock and immediately had boat issues, lost steering. Decided to go anyway using the throttles to steer.
Once on the reef the wind kicked up and made anchoring tough.
On the 3rd attempt with slack tide the anchor line got under the boat and caught the starboard props.
Now the anchor decides to stick, 35,000 lbs pulling from the rear of the boat, line way too tight to untangle.
Call Sea Tow to have them bring my dive gear and pull the boat to give me some slack. They are tied up and it will be a few hours. Decided to fish while we wait. Seas have kicked up to 3 to 4.
Catching a few when the anchor decides to let loose.
In I go, getting the crap beat out of me, with no gear a tedious process. After more attempts then I wanted finally cut everything loose and save the anchor and most of the line. Saw way too many sharks and jelly fish to really want to be in the water.
Decided to set up again and keep fishing.
Finished with 24 nice yellowtails with many of them being flags and a couple of spanish.
Boat gremlin goes away and we head in with steering and full power.
Fishing remains great.
John :USA
2006 38 Luhrs IPS600, A true 38, the only one made with IPS!
2001 23 Parker



  • NickNutNickNut Posts: 230 Deckhand
    Went out the same day out of Hawk's Cay. Weather definitely made things interesting. You did better on the fish, we just got crushed by the swarms of undersized fish, and we didn't really want to have to move. We first dove the spot and could see the bigger fish there, but we just couldn't get past the little guys. Even massive baits on grouper sized hooks have baby yellowtail on them. Finally netted some ballyhoo, and fish them live off the bottom to get a better bite, but ultimately ran out of time. We fed ourselves, but not much beyond that. Given our two circumstances, I'm honestly not sure which scenario I'd rather be in!
  • miami muttonmiami mutton Posts: 1,127 Officer
    Congrats for sticking through it and getting it done, yesterday was not an easy day out there. Not too many fisherman could catch fish With those conditions. Great catch
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Lol what a day, I'm pretty sure I would have given up much sooner
  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,845 Captain
    Interesting day, glad you made it home with your 24 tails.
  • latitudeajustmentlatitudeajustment Posts: 2,032 Captain
    That is one crazy day! Glad to hear you got back okay and with bonus flag tails, awesome!
  • TavernierGuyTavernierGuy Posts: 917 Officer
    Glad you are OK. Seas were still ugly out there this morning, swells were 4-5 ft. Yellowtail bite was on fire despite the swell and confused sea, bull sharks are back in force. Lock the drags down.
  • Ilive2fishIlive2fish Posts: 274 Deckhand
    get your steering checked...same thing happened to me...lost steering at the ramp....turns out I need a new helm pump....not cheap...400 bucks everywhere but found one on Ebay for 325.....gonna replace it this weekend...good luck...
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