Crystal River Trout fishin'

Today was my first time fishing out of Crystal River. I drove up to near Homossassa to meet up w/ My buddy Jack who took me out on his recently acquired Loews 14' jon boat and we put in @ Fort Island around 9 (late start for me) and headed south to fish the islands for reds. Jack opened with a pair of rat reds 16" and 17". I saw water pushing and threw to it and got hooked up with a huge bonnet head, well over 4'. No more reds after that ordeal and the tide was dropping quickly. We trolled those patches of seaweed (sargassum??) as we were headed to the bars. I could see nice sized trout scattering, so we drifted over. I began to see trout laid up and some rising so it was sight fishing for trout for the next few hours. These were all nice fat little piggies in the 18-21 inch range. We limited out. Not many shorts, actually more over 20" than under 15". Not used to that problem as I fish the west central region primarily.

Great trout fishing up there. Released a lot of trout, more than we cared to try and count. My first trout outing of the summer/fall. Down in Tampa bay and Clearwater / Anclote area I usually have to wait for late winter early spring to consistently catch these sized fish.

Cant wait to haul my boat up there to go out and further explore...


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