Lawmakers Getting into Possible Changes Fishing Regs

I read this article I the paper this morning about addressing some changes for new regs to be put in place. Hopefully they do as they say but politics is still politics. Notice the last paragraph
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  • circus actcircus act Posts: 230 Officer
    Hopefully, some compromises are reached so the recreational angler isn't outta luck.

    I'm not really sure that democrat vs republican will yield many differing results though, I'd say that argument is outta gas.
  • PilchardPilchard Posts: 1,373 Officer
    Circus Act- you are OUTTA LINE! This is a serious topic...
  • BinderBinder Posts: 3,875 Captain
    You two need to get OUTTA here! :rotflmao

    The mag-stev act expired last year. Clearly they are in know hurry to revise its rules for OUR fishery.
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    :rotflmao Ok "Outta" stuff is laughable at this point...say do what you want...IF BS was gas some of you guys would Arabs
    Capt Bill
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    According to the last article I read, there are over 200 bills sitting on Harry Reid's desk that he has not moved on. If the Republicans do win the Senate, I could see him taking immediate action in a lame duck session on the Magnuson bill before the Republicans take control in January 2015. The ACL's and time constraints to rebuild stocks MUST be changed.

    Before becoming head of NMFS, Bill Hogarth was the regional administrator in St. Pete. He had a biologist named Roy Crabtree. Crabtree came up with a 40-year rebuilding plan for red snapper when it was deemed overfished in the early 1990's. That plan was actually successful as you are seeing the benefits of it's short-lived life now. Hogarth went on to become national administrator of NMFS and Crabtree is firmly ensconced in his corner office overlooking Tampa Bay.

    Environmental Defense is trying to use the lack of re-authorization as a means of trying to do something that the intent of the law does not allow in the guise of this sector separation. This is the first step towards a complete IFQ program for all recreational anglers. The discussion today is about red snapper, then comes red and gag grouper. Amberjack. Vermilion snapper. Triggerfish. On down the line.

    Instead of splitting up every user group, management decisions should be made to include every group. Every sector contributes to local coastal communities, one of the national standards of the Magnuson Act which every fishery policy should adhere to.

    This red snapper fiasco is out of control. I'm catching red snappers in areas I've never caught them before. 80 feet west of Sanibel? 90 feet west of Marco? I've been fishing here for 31 years, I've never caught red snappers in these areas. They have definitely rebounded. Last month, I had 16 anglers for a weekend trip, and I know we threw back over 400 red snappers. We were catching 40-50 red snappers a stop. There is no reason for the federal season to be as short as it currently is.

    The hard left enviros want one agenda, fewer fishermen. Everyone will suffer. The party and charterboat operators might think they have a small victory here. But it will be fleeting. The enviro tide needs to be stemmed. Coastal communities around the United States are being destroyed by the actions of NMFS as they act as they are unaccountable for their actions.

    In just 10 years- a fewer number of commercial boats are on the water. A fewer number of traps for crawfish and stone crabs are in the water. A fewer number of charterboats are operating. A fewer number of recreational anglers are able to afford to go offshore as much as they did in the past.

    The re-authorization act needs to be done with some plain common sense. In 2006, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. Government works with checks and balances. It's time to bring the Magnuson Act back into reality and install some reasonable measures for every sector that uses our waters.
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    Well put.... But I bet you're OUTTA breath
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    Pilchard wrote: »
    Well put.... But I bet you're OUTTA breath

    Outta breath and Outta of his mind!! Well said. Cant wait for my meetings in December. They should be Outta Control with all kinds of opinions.

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