Looking for an awesome private charter

Heading to the east coast and want to try a private charter for the first time and need help finding a great charter. With so many it's annoying. Looking to stay around the mosquito lagoon area/close to shore fishing. Anny suggestions?


  • NSByakNSByak Posts: 424 Officer
    Without a doubt, capt. Justin Price from Right In Sight Charters. 386-566-4687

    He put me on my biggest red (40+inches), first juvi tarpon, and quality trout for a slam within a couple of hours time in Mosquito Lagoon. He doesn't do a lot of the B.S. bump-n-run fishing that a lot of these guides down here do, and he doesn't fish on top of people. There are a lot of guys down here that are questionable in their tactics so just make sure you know who you're getting.
  • MahiMahi3265MahiMahi3265 Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    If you are looking to do some near shore action, Capt. Glyn Austin is an excellent Captain. He primarily fishes Sebastian Inlet, but he can put you on some truly monster redfish!

    Or if you are looking to stay closer to the Lagoon area, Capt. Jim Ross is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Captains up near the Lagoon.

    Both can put you on a fish of a life time. I can Speak personally with Capt. Glyn Austin. He has put me on numerous redfish in the 30 lb range on a regular basis this time of year, along with multiple oversold, and even slot snookies. Check both of them out. Both extremely professional captains, and both extremely knowledgeable.
  • RickMurrayRickMurray Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Lagoon area = Jim Ross

    Nearshore and Offshore = Fired Up Charters out of the Port. I have gone out with them a few times, and will go again soon
  • Final PointFinal Point Posts: 459 Deckhand
    I've known Capt. Jim for a long time. He is an exceptional fisherman and knows the lagoon and rivers very well. Can't go wrong with him
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  • FishyGirlFishyGirl Posts: 715 Officer
    I will agree with all that Jim is great and our Tyler on Fired up is also awesome. I have fished with Jim and known him for many years. You won't go wrong. If Jim is booked, try Pat Murphy.
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  • triplehelixtriplehelix Posts: 160 Deckhand
    Captain Pat Murphy is a cool, down to earth captain who knows the lagoon like the back of his hand. He'll help you learn if you're new to the area and knows how to put fish on the deck.
  • 19offshoreyachts19offshoreyachts Posts: 33 Deckhand
    Capt Eric Myers at Slightly Obsessed Sight Fishing
  • O.SEA.DO.SEA.D Posts: 646 Officer
    The one the only... Capt. Jim Ross
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