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Crystal River 10/23

Bass fished again for an hour waiting on Jakes friend Willie. While doing so we caught several bass and one nice one which put up a great fight on light tackle. Never made it past the sheriff station today because we could tell it was very windy. Anchored up where everyone snapper fishes on the ledges in the river and they were hungry. Usually you catch 40 snapper 99% being 5-8" here. But today we caught like 40 with 20 being over 11" and released another limit of 10.5". They put up a great fight in 20ft of water in strong current with a tiny rod with 10lb braid! I caught a couple 12" and one 13" and Jake caught 3 or 4 reds with 1 nice slot. And mixed in were a few 13-14" black drum that we released. Got a 3 man limit of snapper in a couple hours trying to only keep 11"+ ones, then headed up river to check out the springs. Jumped in and went down the canal looking for fish instead of swimming to the spring and was amazed to find a school of 25-30" snook within 5ft in front of me! Then saw a nice bass and several snapper. Jumped in the boat and caught a 11" snapper on cast 1, released. Caught a 24" snook cast 2, and released. I think thats a brackish slam bass, red, snook? Not sure if we needed a trout too but they haven't moved into the river yet I don't believe. Still a great day with strong winds and didn't spend $10 of gas and brought home a cooler full of quality fish!

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