"Big Groupers" Trolling Homosassa2014

We're always watching those wind maps and Gail mentioned that Tuesday looked promising. She didn't have to twist my arm. I was out the door and had the boat loaded and ready to roll.
Got out to marker4 and things out there didn't match the weather man's version. Seas were a little rough with a good north wind blowing. We braved the chop, and headed to 14-15ft. To choppy to anchor and fish for cobia, so we went on the troll right away. Current was non-existent, not a good time to troll. The results showed- no fish of any kind. We had to wait about an hour and the wind started to subside and we anchored up. Still no current to speak of! Waited and waited, finally it's starting to move. Now, it's spend time anchored or start trolling for some groupers. It's already after 1 o'clock, so we decide to get the plugs out and hammer the water. Now, we have current and I know exactly which way it flowing. The weather guy had predicted a calm afternoon and he was right on that part. We put out the plugs.
It was now like it's suppose to be. Shorts are hitting, lizard fish are hammering the plugs, and don't forget those pesky seabass(it's amazing they hit that big plug). Speaking of plugs, we have removed the rapala's and put on the sebile160's, which get down deep right away and stay there. I wanted to be hitting the bottom, and they were doing that!. Then it happens! Gail reel is screaming and her rod is bent over! My drags are set almost locked down, so when I see a rod like that I know that it holds a big grouper! She fights the rod out of the holder, and then starts working on the grouper. She has her hands full, this beast does not want to come to the boat. She does an excellent job of keeping him from rocking her up and she brings aboard a beauty!
A little fanfare and high fives and we are ready to go again. We start getting the same results on small shorts and it's starting to get late. I tell Gail "I am going to go over this nice stretch of bottom and at the end of it we will go home". I go over the whole piece and at the last second my rod goes off. It sounds like an explosion back there. I really love that big fish noise! It's another bruiser. My rod is bent over. These fights are not your normal pull in the old grouper. It's a battle trying to get these things coming to the boat. Finally he's at the boat. Another beauty in the boat!
We head in with a contented smile on our faces knowing we have two really nice groupers in the cooler.
Recapping the trip, our success today was finally getting a consistent current moving. After the current made up it's mind the fishing turned on.


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