Boat & Beach Surf Report 10/23

Took my boat out Saturday - nice day - but found nothing happening along the buoy line nor along the surf from the inlet to PAFB.... Tuesday - pal and fellow Bluepoints guest Andy got much luckier !... Andy was trolling some blue runner baits along the beach - when he found a super large bait school south of the Cocoa Pier ! Amongst the usual Blues , Jacks and Ladyfish feeding on the bait school -- were some jumbo size Redfish ! Andy and his pal caught and released 5 of these over sized Reds that day - as well as a 5 ft. shark.... I searched from shore along the beaches today - and could not find any big bait schools anywhere. South Melbourne Beaches showed scant hints of some small bait action here and there. I caught a bunch of Bluefish just for fun on metal lures.. There were tons of sand fleas up today - but no signs of any Pompano. Photo of Andy from 10/21. - - - Addendum : Today -10/24 - Beaches from PAFB down to Holland Spessard Park - were LOADED with Blues jacks Ladyfish and Spanish Mackeral - all feeding on mostly glass minnow type baitfish . There are a fair amount of Sharks in the mix as well ! One 5 ft. range Shark near beached himself close to where I was taking some Bluefish - saw another near jump out of the curl of a wave close to shore


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