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I'm Considering Becoming A Real Estate Agent

I'm seriously considering becoming a real estate agent in Florida. I live on the Broward/Dade county border. If any fellow fishermen have any advice it would be really appreciated. I have no one to guide me along the way. Even if you know of good classes to take in order to take all the necessary tests. Anything you can add to the conversation is a plus.


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    I was a Realtor for a few years and while the money was good, the work load sucked. I worked 7 days a week and non stop phone calls. One thing I did when I first started was offer to hold open houses for other agents in the office. All the leads generated are yours. I went to the Bob hogue school of real estate to obtain my license. I also had an awesome broker who was my mentor. good Luck
  • weetzaweetza Posts: 156 Officer
    Currently a Realtor. The class to pass the test will teach you nothing about the business, just ethics, ect. Take as many classes after you are licensed at the board of Realtors that you can-they are free. Must pass out 25 business cards a day, network, network, network. Personally I don't like this business just my .02. It can be very rewarding, but it is not an easy business by any stretch of the imagination. Lots of competition and get a big online presence. Find a niche.
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    I am not a Realtor but inlaws are.They seem to work 168hrs a week.They spend alot of money out of pocket promoting themselves.
    Sister inlaw also realtor takes classes all the time .Is doing well .Lots of vacations.She found a niche servicing buyers from South America paid off good.
    Remember easier to sell high end home.200k homes everyone thinks they qualify and will try.
    You are the last to get paid so you have to budget .
    In South Florida they will not respect the time.Some idiot will call you at 2am to ask a question about a property.
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    I want to be realtor.

    Poof, you're a realtor... :Glass
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    I got my RE license in 1979. The pre-licensing classes helped me to understand basic concepts. I worked part time for about 6 months.and decided it was too much work. I became a RE Investor in 1981 and made a good living until 1986 when I went back to General Contracting. In 2001, I returned to RE investing full time with a real passion to succeed. In 2002, I bought and sold 52 houses. Early last year my son Adam and I co-authored "The secret to Real Estate Investing". It is available on Amazon. 

    Many licensed agents move on to becoming investors as unless you are in the top 1% of agents, you will probably work 60 hours weekly to earn what you could with a 40 hour a week job. Investing can be VERY rewarding as you can make a living while building a retirement portfolio.

    My son and I also own a Meet-up group named "Jacksonville Real Estate Investors Marketplace" . It is free and we offer free education once monthly. It is easy to find on google.

    Real Estate has been very good to my family and I wish you all the best.

    Joe Locklear
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