19 ft Mako Boat proves it unsinkability (video)

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I posted this in the NE section but thought I would share with everyone. I made a video about when my dad's 19 ft mako got caught in a storm offshore and was flooded with water but didn't sink. I thought it was a good story to drive home the importance of safety and caution offshore.



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    Sobering. The last 30 seconds have some good advice. I'd also recommend making sure anchor is 100% deployment ... In all boats, in all conditions. Not sure if a few seconds would have helped here, but it could not have hurt.

    Glad it all worked out. Good that radio was working and they had flares.

    Thanks for post.
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    A friend of mine has that exact boat, he sold it to another friend that still owns it. The boat is almost under water when it is a it’s normal attitude. We used to dive out of it in the gulf and we had to be carefull if both of us got into the back with all our gear it would be half full of water. It has a self-bailing deck but water can get under the deck. The bilge pump was a pain to access too.
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    37 miles out...5 guys in a 19' boat w/ one 85 hp outboard? That's a gamble. They were lucky the head boat was near by.
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