Mako / Bass Pro Funament from 10/16 to 10/18 Fishtail Marine

Event starts at the Captains meeting at Bass Pro Lodge Room Thur. night boy do they put out a spread. The event includes free dockage at the Fishtail Marina for the duration of the Funament till Sunday morning.
Our plan was to drive to our boat Friday morning Leave from St. James City where my boat is docked fish all day then dock at Fishtail for the rest of the time. It was to be Mary , Craig and me. Well at the captains meeting thanks to Tileman Craig had the option to fish offshore with one of the Mako pros. Mary and I decided to try and find some snapper spots that I had some numbers for. Well snapper were never found only some Spanish.

Saturday it was Craig his wife Donna Mary and me ran to some numbers that had been good for snapper. Donna was eager to try out her new rod and reel. Well it was red grouper after red grouper.

It was a good way to break in a new set up. Here she is with the 23 incher.

Craig likes to use jigs with white paddle tails well he hooks up and has his hands full on the spin rod. It was 7ft. 2 inch nurse shark

After a great day fighting fish it was time head back.
Sunday morning on Ft Myers Beach at sunrise, boy what a magical time of day.

Then it was carry our gear to the boat from the motel and head home.
As I see it, we were all winners to be able to enjoy what South West Florida has to offer, make new friends and share some time with old ones.


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