Drag upgrade

RoyalflushRoyalflush Posts: 535 Officer
I got some salt or sand in my pursuit II 6000 and now the drag is too tight on low drag settings so I dropped it off to get fixed at my local tackle shop. They are going to put carbon washers in . I was wondering how many extra lbs of drag this would give me on top of the 20lbs it comes with factory. I also have a 6/0h that I'm going to let him upgrade as well. Curious how much drag I'll gain from that also. If anyone has had this done to their similar reels I'd like to hear what u think.


  • PENNPENN Posts: 373 Deckhand

    Will they be putting in our HT-100 drag washers or after-market washers? I cannot comment on the aftermarket washers, but adding HT-100's will give you a smoother, longer lasting drag, but won't increase the max all that much. Just keep in mind 20lbs is the max we recommend on a Pursuit II 6000, fishing over this recommended limit could damage the internals of the reel.

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