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Everglade's Snook Fishing in Hell's Bay

We made the drive from Islamorada to use the ramp at Flamingo. With the wind and distance to be covered it just made sense to take this route instead of boating across. The water was pretty quiet, not a lot of life. It was a falling tide most of the day for us. The dolphins crashed a few of the coves we were in shutting down the bite! But they are fun to watch get shallow. We did not see any redfish feeding or traveling while poling along the shorelines. Mid day a few tarpon were rolling but not interested in eating anything we presented. In 7 hours of fishing we hooked up to 5 snook - all blind casting soft plastic baits on 30lb fluorocarbon leader. The snook Todd is holding took him deep into the mangroves! We had to get half of the boat into the branches and the mosquitoes swarmed out immediately. He loosened up the drag and was able to eventually land the fish once he got the line out of the maze of mangrove roots. Personally, I came home with a smile because I would much rather catch one large one over a handful of small fish any day!
Capt. Brittney Novalsky
Florida Sportswoman
"Advancing the sport of women in the fishing industry through education to become better anglers and conservationists."
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