10-15-14 Boynton

Nick561Nick561 Posts: 339 Deckhand
Started the day off of gulf stream with rob and two clients of his. Picked up some baits and set up in about 140 ft.
Within 10 minutes one of robs clients hooks up on a sail and it was off to the races. while they played with that i managed to lose 3 jigs to to cutoffs :banghead The finally started jigging up some small blackfins. Meet back up with robs group and we were already off of lantana with the current ripping north. as we were heading towards the lake worth pier the other client hooks up to another sail and here we go again out to deep water. They release that one around palm beach and we are heading in when i hook up with the third sail of the day. We went 3 for 3 on sails. Great day on the water.


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