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Dolphin-Tuna Bite-Pilchards/Bait Few Wahoo

Fished yesterday on a 3/4 day. Had Rob from Jacksonville, FL. Had not been fishing in the Keys for almost 10 years. Great guy and had good taste in "Fish music" on the radio dial. Took his 10 fish limit and caught a few smaller tunas as a bonus. All caught in 450-500 ft. just in front of the Hump.

Most guys have switched over to the "fuel burn fish" AKA Wahoo. Little early for me to start the "wahoo madness" when the dolphin and tuna fishing is amazing. Depths for bigger wahoo have been on the 300 ft line. Live bait speedos have been doing it for the bigger females, high speed suck the fuel for the 25-30 lb fish.

I have not been bird watching much for dolphin, so if you are run and gun dolphin fisherman, may want to put on your goggles and watch for patches of weeds in the distance. If you find birds then you really hit. Watching SST and Chlorophyll charts work well for me this time of year. Tons of bait moving through the area so for you Pilchard lovers, you should not have a problem finding bait. Most of the creeks are loaded with pilchards right now. Fill the livewell, go to the hump catch some Tuna and some tuna heads.

Deep dropping has been on fire! My friend has been killing it on the broken bottom. Big YellowEyes and Verms, happened right before the full moon. Have not heard much since. May give it a shot over the weekend. Flat seas predicted.

Deep dropping on the hump, smaller verms. Good place to start if you do not have deep drop numbers or a powerful depth finding. Load a 30 wide with 20 lb braid if you don't have a larger reel. Invite a friend that never helps with boat cleaning or falls asleep on ya and have him do the cranking. Have a good week rest of the week and hope you make it out over the weekend, supposed to be nice and calm on Saturday and Sunday.


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