LK Backcountry Lobsters 10/12-13

With the winds and vis in between the islands being practically atrocious the last week, I haven't been in the water much to look for bugs. These last two days we've been able to go out into the pock-marked bottom around some of the northernmost islands and find lobsters in the sandy holes. Hardly have to catch a short before you see the larger ones hanging around. Went out yesterday and found four bugs to 4.5" carapace length and went back today to the same area and pulled more (larger) bugs out of the same hole. Continued looking in the same depth range to see how far the chain of holes continued (much farther) and added several more to the cooler. They're definitely still out there for anyone willing to get in the water. Doesn't seem like many are judging by the amount of boats we saw (hardly any). Happy bugging and tight lines to anyone braving the winds out there today.


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