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Short Term Island Prep 2014/15



  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Even junk chairs are so expensive! I pieced the one I have on the Albemarle from stuff I picked up at Sea Chest Salvage thats not around anymore... I think there is a used marine place in Stuart I may try if nobody has a better idea...
  • FWCSnookFWCSnook Posts: 886 Officer
    Marine Parts Supply in Stuart may have what you're looking for. We get a lot of work done there on the state boats and they are fair. They always have something neat around.
  • mfieldvimfieldvi Posts: 44 Greenhorn
    EBay has a few decent looking ones. I just bought a reconditioned large marlin chair with an offset from Tom at Bluewater Chairs.
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Looked through ebay and though some good deals especially on the big stuff this pit is small and we need small. Also, the owner likes to entertain at dock or in ditch so chair needs to be removable easy. Not quite portable, more like a small pedestal models mounted to a plate. I'll eventually find something that will work. Thanks for the suggestions though and keep em coming...
  • Osprey45Osprey45 FT Pierce/ NW NJPosts: 999 Officer
    Marine salvage place in Ft Pierce US1 just north of town
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    I'll try to get up there... Holiday has me in Keys a couple days and then local trips. Then hunting with side trips to pier during that week...
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Might have a chair spotted...

    Fishing 42 on Saturday... Working toward doing a Chub thing but still hanging up on air flights. I have one plane available but its 3 guests and pilot limited thing when you figure in gear and coolers... Continuing to find some flight option that would work and handle up to six guests. If this moves forward all booking will be done before we leave. Not going to have Bimini type issues again.

    61 owner finally contacted me this morn. Interior nearly done and potential buyer in place. Ten weeks late on interior job but glad real prospect is in place. He recognizes that he is getting a literally new boat at a great price... I'd imagine that the trigger will be pulled on the bigger boat at same time he says "yes"...
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Nice mix of fish today... Pick up the chair tomorrow up mid state...
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,433 Admiral
    try gold aviation for charter flights, you might remember Darren from chub, was the manager a few years back
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    The charters I have been finding are way prohibitive pricing. Last time we exchanged guests it was like 1200 for the flight. I'm getting quotes like 1800+ each way which adds 600 per man. Kinda steep... We can get a plane from Nassau for dirt cheap and Jet blue to Nassau pretty reasonable but a lot more complicated than one shot straight to Chub.

    Picked up the chair... Actually not a chair yet... The relic remains of an old Pompanette 80 chair. Lot of "mix and match" just in what I got. Stopped on way home from mid state to do a little hunting. Had a big water moccasin smack my boot. I replied with a 45 caliber attitude adjustment. He calmed down... As i sat through the rest of the hunt I mentally went through what I had in hand with that chair and what needed to get done. Got up this morning and went right at it. Just shut off the garage light with a lot of progress made. Need to order mounting and backing plates for the stanchion.

    Looking through my email tonight I had a really present surprise I have had owners thank me for a good day or good trip before. Its not needed as its my job to create positive memories. The 42 owner sent me a profound and detailed thank you for the other days trip, which was indeed pretty special. Our first trip was good with a nice wahoo to add icing to the cake. This trip was wall to wall blackfins with a sail for the spice... Especially nice to catch fish on a trip that also served as a way for the owners family to say goodbye to a loved one. While I do these jobs as a means of paying the bills, my biggest reward is the smiles on my passengers faces. This one felt really good.
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    I went at that chair full throttle and she is nearly done. Waiting on two plate mounting system. What I mean by that is the chair will be mounted to a plate on the deck that is trough mounted to a backing plate under the deck. This allows the chair to be removed as necessary for entertaining at the dock or other ditch cruises.
    Had an interesting couple calls yesterday. First call was they couldn't get Mirage started up in Annapolis. I went through about a dozen different checks over the phone and came up with close to half that many things they were doing wrong. THIS is why a boat like that needs a captain who understands her inside out. Well I guess that message was either formulated in the owners head or put there by the guys looking after her. A while later I was asked if I'd consider running her for summers or at least partial summer work doing tournament work from next summer on forward. "In a big city second"... I love that boat. 42 doesn't run in summer. 61 (soon to get bigger) still is not set in stone as to their plans so my plan is accept the offer on at least the tournament end and 61 owner will have to do without me during those dates...
    42 we have a trip Saturday then again Saturday night for the boat parade. Next week we do our first island run and the target will be wahoo...
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Did a couple sails and dolphins saturday. Did a few dolphin today... Dialed in and fueled for island run... This will be different for me to be sure... I'm not used to a boat that cruises at 17! Oh well... Its something to do til the other ventures come together...

    Dialing in my wahoo baits... Even sitting stuff happens... rubber skirts are stretched when they are put on and eventually will split. I replaced a few. Hooks that weren't painted grew a little surface rust. Most irritating is wire. The cable shows some fray and the single strand on close examination had tiny bit of rust which on single is a death sentence so I'm back twisting wire, most of which is replacing wire thats never been used. Its not salt air, its just humid Florida air that gets em...

    Took the offer on 43 for the tournies. 61 owner will have to deal with me not being available "all" next summer.
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Packing it up. My own staples set in one pile. Wasabi and soy for wahoo sushi in place. Salt pepper, lime juice, olive oil, peppers and onions cut ready to make conch salad that side. Coffee, soda, sweet stuff, bread, PBJ? Check!
    5 x 50w sticks, 2 x 80 bent butts, 4 x 20lb messing around sticks, couple spin rods... Dozen stand alone lures, dozen ready to add bait, 8 swimming plugs, 14 leads with leader, rigging kit, light bottom kit, fist full of jigs, cutting kit, bags... Hand held VHF, epirb, small tools, chargers for computer- phone- etc... Imodium, cough syrup, ibuprofen, tums, band aids, q tips, toiletries... Ready to rock!
    The spread is set for old school slow fishing one direction then easy running speed is about 15-16 knots so we'll pull fast heading home...
    Five days... I hope we can find something worth writing home about. :)
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Note to self... READ NOTES TO SELF! Loaded boat and missed some stuff. Quarantine flag, courtesy flag, Onions/ peppers, and passport! Good thing it wasn't go day but still I like all aboard that we are gonna need. I like to walk the dock empty handed, straight to bridge and make ready. Now got a few things to put away.
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    So with that one behind us its already time to reset. Mounted deck plate system for the fight. That dog gone deck is some kind of thick! I figured 2" bolts would be enough but came up shore. Theres really only 1/2 to 3/4 of plate and I got 2inch. Still not enough! That puts that deck at over an inch of solid glass! Needed to alter the under plate as well as there is a cross support thats in the way.
    Started disconnecting all the steering line stuff... What an ordeal. Florida Rigging and Hydraulics can make a new line quick but are backed up for weeks so I have to try and work it out. I was able to work it through the entire under deck which involved hours in cramped space removing hard to reach mounting hardware, pushing and pulling line that is not very flexible. I have hit a snag at the bridge end though. I can't get it to budge. I have opened every access plate and still find nothing except that its jammed in with every wire and control able on the whole boat. Calling in the cavalry for this next phase!
    I have been re rigging all the wahoo gear since a lot of it was pretty well worked and tore up... Not sure what pulled on one of the baits. It was mylar skirted and whole thing was pulled off the head. Its so tight that it wouldn't slide back on. Takes a lot of pressure from a bite to pull that stuff off. Wahoo bite would most likely snip some of it or at least leave tooth marks. a couple others in the collection had that happen. This one has me scratching my head.
    Have a guy who wants an island trip late January. Just two days though. Not sure if I can justify running the boat over there for that short of a run. He doesn't care where as long as its on that side...
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Couldn't wait for Hydraulic shop any longer. Did the job myself. Hurt pretty bad from getting into places I have no business getting into. Finished up the chair plates mounting after having to cut the backing plate twice to squeeze in to its spot. Have trips lined up in Keys from Wed through the weekend. Merry Christmas everybody... :)
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Another booking popped up... Tuesday of next week... Time compressing again. Fine by me, I can use all the paying work I can get. With 61idle and on the selling block I'm getting a touched squeezed again.
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Since last... Spent some time in the keys in and offshore fishing was fair and a few big sharks on the sea wall at night. Did a few hunts. Saw some but no meat came home. Took two local trips both of which sucked. added a booking for Wednesday and then two weeks island side in Feb. I have been sworn to secrecy about the details but I can say its a new big boat added to the collection (not part of the operations I've been part of for a while). Owner and I have known each other for few years and he was tickled when I said yes to his request. He thought I was tied up with the other big boat but as long as the one is for sale, the new one is not in hand and I'm not being paid to hang around, that makes me available. He's been running his own boat(s) for a few years with help from a top shelf mate who is moving on to bigger better things. He is excited about having me on the team for some help with not just taking his fishing game to new levels but having someone who can do both pit and bridge.
    With that I have my work cut out for me making this one island ready. It has every toy one can want. Tons of it. Now I get to dial in some of that tonnage of tackle that needs rigging.
    When the time is right you'll be reading a lot more about this operation... :)
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Local trips produced nothing of note. Banging out all kinds of stuff for the new side ride... Adding several tourneys including the BBC is on the agenda so at least early summer is gonna be spent down here...
    Had somebody break into one of my work rooms. This one being where I repair and respool reels and do a lot of my rigging and lure skirting. I had four outfits taken that were parts of matched pairs. So now I have four unmatched single outfits left. Since the stiff is working stuff and older it cant be replaced. I wont fish without matched stuff so that means I have to get not just four new rods and reels, it means I hve to really get eight so they are all matching. Then I'm stuck with four ol has beens too good to throw out and too ugly to stand alone. Will be a lit of ebay shopping til I can find old stuff just to even them out. Man that ticks me off! This is how I feed my family. No tough guy but I will gladly skin him and roll in rock salt if I catch him...
  • FWCSnookFWCSnook Posts: 886 Officer
    Check with Mike Theis at Custom Rod and Reel in LHP. He can do awesome stuff, and may be able to "match" your lost gear.
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Appreciate it but I managed to piece some stuff together... ebay for some, consignment shop for more, private sale for other... Basically I got four new rods (work horse style, not fancy or expensive) at a good deal from the shop. Tracked down a hard to find triton 50w on ebay. Then found even harder to find fairly rough condition TLD. Put the tlds and tritons on the new rods . I'm "matched" for two pairs and have enough for a spread to hold me over. The two mismatched older rods I slapped on some never used okumas I had laying around from a business purchase a few years ago. I can use them for shark or shotgun or grouper diggers or something not very important...
    The Avet 30w and chaos stick too expensive to chase right now and seldom do I use two. Usually just one in shotgun position. If I do find another Avet it needs to be kind of rough to match the one I have... Silly to have one new and one "experienced".
    Cancelled yesterday for weather, tomorrow for owner family obligation, Friday for his work schedule conflict so at least I have time to get stuff right...
  • FWCSnookFWCSnook Posts: 886 Officer
    I have two triton 50w's. They are great. I have them on chair sticks. I also have two 50w Avets (silver) on black rods, and both short and straight butts. Feel free to borrow them if you need to fill a set out. I think the tritons have new 50lb line, and the Avets have 80 with braid backing.
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Again appreciated... The TLD that I picked up needs a little tweak... Bearing work I think? When drag is up where it should be it cranks hard. Could be the washers? I know if I get in side it I'll likely break something important... The triton gets here tomorrow...

    Today was just one of those days... You know the kind... Been tying the same knots for 40 years and seemed I couldn't get one right first try on several different occasions... Spooled the remnant reels and the new one even though she was tight... Played musical rods with some stuff but as often is the case I wound up going back with what I had in the first case. I did dome butt swap outs between brands to see what would fit what In case I change my mind again.
    Got wild hair up my own butt and decided to play with my tld 25 collection. I just did full service on them in August but good idea to check and glad I did. I live nowhere near the ocean or salt water source but every last one of them was showing corrosion and rust issues. That set really is my white marlin set and seldom used but glad I checked. Not just a little "growth"... Quite a bit... Enough to need pliers on the preset knobs. I have no clue how they get that way when they were cleaned and lubed hard just a few months ago and havn't been near the water since. Heat? Humidity? Who knows... Same as anything I guess. If it sits it isn't good...
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Pieces fell in place today. Spooling marathon! Wasn't really looking to but added a couple 30w to the collection. Spooled the new triton 50w, those two, 4 of my little speedmasters a spin outfit then don't ask me why I reloaded three 80w outfits. The speedmasters got straight mono while all the big stuff was loaded with spectra on the back and mono out front.
    Spectra on the back allows for a few things. It increases your capacity and allows smaller outfits to pack as much punch as a full size larger. For example the 30w outfits hold a load of 30, like 900 yards or more. If I loaded straight 60 which gives me enough muscle to work a sounding blue marlin it only would hold 450 yards which is pretty short for a big angry blue. By spectra backing I get out to 750 or so yards which is a little more comfortable. The 50tlds that same pair up goes to 850 yards . On the 50w sets I get about 800 of 80 in total which should stop the biggest of brutes. The 80w outfits are backed with 130 and topped with 100 sufix which breaks higher. Now I have sticks that can stop a giant tuna without having to bust out 130s that are just no fun moving around...
    A second advantage to the spectra backs is that the spectra lasts and lasts, so you only have to add small amount of mono top shots and mono is getting expensive! Yes spectra is expensive to start with but in time pays for itself by not needing nearly as much mono...
    People have asked if I have a winding machine... The answer is no. I do it manually. I get a better feel for how its laying but I pay the price with some real sore muscles and joints... Right now I think you could fry an egg on my shoulder... :)
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Wind on marathon today... I hate coils of line in the pit with big fish... Wind on eliminates that problem. 21 feet of them and about 7 or 8 of clip on... Past safety it gives you a little cushion against getting tail cut by a blue with the afterburners on. Also makes nice for hand over hand assistance close to the boat on a fish thats digging...
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    I know I know... I said I would just replace a couple... Well for a tackle ho like me that wasn't gonna cut it... I lost four. Well I put back four. Then a couple more in that class. Then while at ot another 80w tiagra couldn't hurt. Oh heck some 30w tiagras as well. Why not stretch my dozen piece tld 25 collection out by adding three. Hey may as well add four speedmasters to the 8 I have working now... Oops... Now those tiagra additions have me addicted and I see a couple more 50w before I smooth out. :)
    Ran into Slipkid today while getting some more snap swivels to dress up my new stuff. I guess he has boat issues. Shame. I'm praying for a quick and painless fix. He is a great guy and seeing him reminded me of what may be my "favorite" blue marlin in years. They are all special memories but that one stood out as I cycled through his three kids and got them into "wicked" tuna mode. Even got slip involved with the billing of that fish as well...
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Today was bait gathering mission. Started as pompano hunt on the planks but turned into mass beating on macks... Having wife with me allowed for double limit. Nice barely legals to full on studs... Brine doin its thing.
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Two more days of macks... They are solid on that pier... Every cast kind of condition. Spend more time re rigging jigs that they are tearing up than anything else... They are slow at best on the metal so its been a jig thing...
    The brine is doing its thing and I may well rig some before freezing... some marlin style and a couple special rigged for wahoo... If you ever dragged macks near wahoo especially rigged for swimming you know how much they love to cut em in half... So I need to get creative in getting that hook farther back...
    42 will be sporting her new chair tomorrow will be nice for getting a full spread out for a change...
  • SlipkidSlipkid Posts: 241 Officer
    Great to see you too! Boat issues aren't too bad and think they are getting worked out. We gotta fish again soon!
    2003 Viking 45C
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Hurry up and wait mode... Gonna get busy when new boss gets down from frigid artic wasteland. Need to walkthrough and learn his 65' inside and out. We've been communication about minor issues with it and will have fixes in hand when I go to do my getting acquainted thing. Bringing my "old school" wahoo set ups and will inspect his high speed collection. Make lists and get what we need quick. Need to provision for about two weeks and carry yard kit as we will head directly there when done island side...
    Time will get compressed when he gets here. Do whats mentioned above then he wants to do boat show and get a day of running / fishing in. Also wants fair weather cross so need to find clean window...
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