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Short Term Island Prep 2014/15

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You've seen the "Island Prep" threads for years on how to set up for long term rides. This one will focus more on getting ready for short term trips...
Back from the frigid north. No time to rest. All the stuff I brought up there has been separated and stowed. I had a couple tackle malfunctions up there that required some "musical rods" and re assigning. For example, I had a Daiwa saltist that I though would be great for jigging tuna. Reel is indeed lightning fast and smooth as silk but... and its a huge but... it won't give me more than a few pounds of drag. I unspooled it and reloaded with 12lb mono and mounted to a G Loomis stick for a fast sailfish rig. Could even see some marlin pitch fishing if my boss ever commits to Chub this season. The braid from the Daiwa was transferred to a TLD 15 I had the drag beefed up on. That one will give me 15 real pounds at the button and 22 in the corner.
Not sure how I got roped into the jigging thing but piece by piece I have built a pretty cool set of outfits for that. I'm thinking they can not only fill that duty but make for lighter weight "more fun" trolling set or beefier bottom set than I have been running. On the shorter trips I think we will be planning this year, sets that can multitask will be easier than carrying the massive amounts of gear and back ups we have done for years of long term trips.
Each place island side has its own "spread". Some places, like Chub, burn far more gear than others and will require different amounts toted. Though most trips will be like three or four days fishing I still plan on carrying a weeks worth of anything/ everything we need. As mentioned different places have different "spreads". Thats for trolling. Some generic kits also go along. I have a plastic box with compartments that I set up for mix of dock fishing, catching bait, yellow tail stuff, even bottom fishing jigs contained in it. A mesh bag with pre made bottom rigs of different styles and weights also will go. Of course a rigging box with assortment of snaps, swivels, crimps, thimbles, wax line, needles, wide range of hooks and different size trolling weights is a must. Crimpers , gloves, leader coils, knives and zip lock bags are toted in a small bag along with the above listed stuff...
61 not quite done yet and boss itching to pull the trigger on the bigger one. Working on trying to sell 27 again and getting 42 Bertram set up for charter both this side and other... Gonna take care of a medical issue mid next week and hope to only be out of play for a few days...


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    Some similarities between long term and short term trips exist. At the top of that list is having your boat in shape to make the run without issues , or at least avoid as many as possible. Even though for sale its no guarantee she will sell and its possible she could get called to duty at any time. So last couple days I ran engines, checked fuel quality, changed filters even though clean, set up for dover to do bottom and change zincs tomorrow.
    I run all my electronics on inspection as well as engines. Good thing I check because often enough something isn't right. Today tower radio wouldn't transmit. Wanted some code entered and required me to disconnect and reconnect. One of my gps units was slow to lock in and I tracked that to where antenna enters... All the rain we have had ran down wire and connection a little wet. Its a cheap antenna and I have spare.
    Added fuel stabilizer, some "sea foam" and cetane boost just as precaution though fuel looked good. Oil checked out good. Coolant at right level... Alppk under them showed little oil leak fixed with a half turn of wrench on a bolt...
    Voltage looked good but batteries are coming up on two years and I like fresh when it comes to them... If no serious offers in week or so I will change them out.
    I had the inflatable serviced before I went north but checked to make sure she holds air fine and all was good there. Somebody stole one of my oars last year. They are custom to that line of inflatables and **** expensive. I recently got a kayak up north and located some replacements while searching for a paddle. Little "creativity" and I can get them to work just fine... While it serves as a bonefish or dive skiff on that side its a life boat when crossing...
    Plan to run a little caulk and seal some leaks tomorrow between showing it to potential buyers and waiting on diver...
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    Boss going to buy the bigger one before selling the 61? Or is he trading her in?

    Reason I ask is with MTU power, that age and no prop pockets it will be a tough boat to move, but won't matter if he doesn't care about the final $.

    Anyways welcome back seems things are picking up around here along with some hoo's on the other side.
    34 Ryco "Tango"
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    He's got hard nibbles on the 61 already... Low hours, priced right and mint condition on our side. He's not trading. Straight sale and straight buy is the plan but its possible he may pull the trigger on the big one at any given moment sale or not. Its all up in the air. He has mentioned possibly putting the 61 in middle keys if it doesn't sell. Thats too far to commute and I can't relocate fully. Something would have to be worked out for X number days on and off. If he pulls trigger on big one and has both. Don't know if I will be responsible to maintain both. Right now I'm unsure where I fit in the equation. Thats his call. Once I get this medical thing taken care of I'll be in a whole lot better shape energy, stamina, and strength wise to tackle what ever is asked of me.
    Ran the 27 today. Good to have that growth off. Been too long since she has been on plane... Really need to do a longer distance run to make sure fuel is all good and bugs are worked out.
    Got home and pieced a set of tackle just for her together... I think you know by now I have a lot of stuff that I use regularly as well as sets of others that I have had set away for just such an occasion of resurrection. Nothing fancy, just day to day stuff. Some old 4/0 senators, a few tld and international 20's. Couple speed masters and a couple spin outfits to toss at dolphin. I'm a little light on good spin outfits for sails as I sold off a couple sets last year at the flea market in the Keys... I do have 2 good sets but wont put on unless needed. Rather have them ready for more important boats. I have a spare set of heavy for her but wont just store aboard unless she winds up being called to duty for islands.
    Playing with the tackle for her inspired me to put fresh top shots on my other heavy set. Not all that old or wore out as I did little island work last year but what the heck... better safe than sorry.
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    Is it the blue boat with the big crazy name on the transom at the RR bridge? Tender on the bow?

    Good looking boat.

    Tell him to get a wooden Carolina boat or a big Merritt and be done with it. Take him out for a sea trial in 6-8ft in the winter and he won't even look at another boat. My eyes were opened on a 2003 57' Spencer.
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    It's blue but no tender. No bow rail or anchor for that matter... No issues with how the Vikes ride. The one he's looking at has nearly twice the seating on the bridge, enough room for dining at the galley island, crews quarters have direct entry to engine room (so I don't have to schlepp down the whole passage in middle of night to fix something. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of the Carolina sleds out there but that big flair has its drawbacks that include reducing useable room inside. The idea of going even bigger is to add that extra room to entertain guests which often amount to like ten. From a fishing standpoint the new one has active trolling valves. They were disabled on this boat by some previous owner. From other standpoints the new one draws less water and has nearly same fuel burn.
    Again, he is has made no firm commitment to what the future holds. Not sure if he plans to not use 61 til it sells, which would be prudent or if he will pull trigger on big one and start using that right away. Possible that he will continue use of 61 and wait but not sure where that may take place. He has discussed down in Marathon area?
    Piddled around on 27 yesterday. Tweaking things. Have a reasonable offer but it includes a flats skiff in trade. I do have use for one at my place in the keys but would kind of prefer a small center that I could get offshore with more often or bring up here again as something simple to jump on, turn key and go. 27 though small is tougher to just jump on and go solo.
    Today is doctor and hope to get things on track to get fixed quick. Getting older sucks... :)
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    Okay, wrong shade of blue. I agree on the interior space thing. Frame construction will do that...I think the tradeoff of ride and fuel economy vs interior space is worth it, but each owner has different priorities. You can get away with smaller power and less fuel capacity, yet have a better ride and longer legs. On that Spencer (no tower, which is awesome), while in St. Thomas for the summer, we were docked next to several 61's. It was night and day. The Vikings were the party boats, while the Spencer was the fishing beast.

    Spent quite a few hours on a 65 EB viking that had my berth right next to the engine room. It was nice not disturbing the guests in the morning. Also doubles as an effective clothes dryer overnight.

    If I ever get the ball rolling on doing weekend charters on my own rig again, your 27 is on my list.
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    The boat in the pic isn't ours but real similar with bare bow and similar paint job...
    27 is still around... Some half way offers on it but not what I'm really looking for. She's available 10 grand less than any other diesel albie out there.
    This owner is all about entertaining. Thus the bigger Vike... As you mention the er access to crews quarters on the bigger girls is a big plus. I also like it for keeping an ear to things. On Mirage, I could have slept in master but usually wound up in salon bunk with head next to ER bulkhead. Compressors, pumps, chargers cycling, all had rhythms that I could sleep just fine with but eyes would pop right open if something changed
    61 with no trolling valves is hard to fish. Ok for marlin or fast movers but too quick even on one in low idle for fish like sails. As for fishing monster, I have to toss that 43 I ran so long into that pile. She was a fish raising fool. Low center of gravity kept her tight even in the big stuff. Little wet on the run but was user friendly for working any size fish. Only thing she lacked fishing wise was a "wahoo" speed. She went from around 8 right straight to about 20 knots in that category. No in between. I havn't had my hands on the big girl to see what she can or can't do yet so I can't say. Took a long time to dial in spreads to work with 61's speed. Toward the end of our summer run, we started raising a lot and catching a few sails along with tons of tuna.

    Home from doctor... Progress but not all what I had hoped for... Wife out at a meeting and I'm scanning my tackle to see what I can change or tweak around the house since day was shot. Really want to run 27 some distance just to make sure no bugs tomorrow but depends on what else I come up with to add to the "Do" list...
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    Didn't take a lot of miles in the chop to plug the filter I was pretty sure would do just that. I ran some small lures looking for black fins with one long blue one looking for a stray dolphin. The long one was hammered over and over but not what I wanted. Skip jacks. Good fights and good sized but not what I wanted. Cut belly strips out of one to sweeten that bait and see if I could get them to lay off.
    Just about the time that filter loaded up and engine started getting sick that long bait was smoking off again. This time a sail. Starboard engine puked and I just dead boat fought the fish. Wasn't long before I billed her. Hook pulled and smacked my sunglasses but no damage. Let the fish go and got to work. Heavy hatches suck in flat water in the choppy trough they really suck. Of course I got diesel all over me and the boat, almost dropped parts or tools, cussed and sweated, but that was all predictable. I buttoned her back up and prayed as I hit the key. She surged some then got smooth. Didn't want to run the whole range of speeds out deep and press my luck so I took her back in side to do that. She passed the tests just fine...
    With time to kill, picked up a rod repair, then went up to 61... Farther behind schedule than I was led to believe. I hate seeing that pretty machine all tore apart after working so hard to keep her eat off clean but it needed doing. Carpeting only lasts so long as does blinds, walls, leather and the biggie... the varnish work on the cabinets... I can tell she will be a work of art by show time. Means likely that I won't be needed for a while longer but between my boat and the 42 I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy.
    Tonight's chore is piece together local trolling, local sailfish, and island heavier set of tackle for 42. That boat is set for charter and priced right. Local or islands (departing from states) if you need we can make happen...
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    Played "musical rods" again, mixing and matching til I came up with enough sets of different sizes and styles to cover all of the boats at once for most any situation that might arise. Ride in 27 this morn was short. More chop than I was expecting and didn't feel like wallowing in tower to do riggers coming an going. Cooked up some yellowfin for wife which came out great. She's off tomorrow and wants to fish but I think we will just go to pier for a change of pace. Need a little "me" time any way...
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    Ben a few days since last update... Pier trip resulted in several bonefish! I don't get it, pompano for some others but we got bonefish and a lot of em. Oh well. It was fun at least.
    I mentioned before tackling some health issues. Not major but for some months have been experiencing some circulation issues and was becoming noticeable in decreased stamina and legs. I'm not all that old, nor am I all that young. I felt it starting to affect my ability to do my work at peak performance. I owe it to self and owners to stay as fit as possible so during break got it checked. Scans showed only minor blockages mostly but one required a second look. That checked out fine. So, its good that the major concerns have been taken off table and remaining possible ones are treated typically without surgeries or even stents. Green light given to get back at it hard.
    61 owner still non committal on dates of resumption of duty or if there will even be any til boat is sold. So in mean time, I can't stand by forever. Gotta keep pushing. Focus has been 27. Since nobody seems to have even little money to buy her. I need to work her back to tip top shape. Fished her for while yesterday then got motivated to do thorough go around all systems again. Last week she puked from clogged filter. Though I changed filter at sea I hadn't done thorough drain of Racor and check all that I should. Fuel color can be best described as perfect. Dark red, same shade as fuel straight from pump. However, its a touch cloudy. Not 100% sure but may be my fault. Before we found where water was seeping into tank (beneath a screw at gauge sending unit not tight) I had added some Sea Foam which is supposed to "get rid" of water. I'm thinking that it did nothing more than suspended what water was in there instead of getting rid of it. If that is the case its gonna take a long time burning that fuel off and changing filters. Whatever the case is , conventional fuel polishing even several times wasn't enough to get rid of it all together. Lesson to be learned.... NO QUICK FIX shortcuts are worth it.
    Still full of energy. I tried addressing the spray curtains that have gone cloudy. I have tried every high dollar cleaner out there with no luck so far. Tried an old trick using "Pledge" on em which has helped get them soft again and not as cloudy but still not right. I will continue trying "tricks" and would love to hear of any you might have stumbled on. Always willing to learn!
    At home gave thorough cleaning to all my coolers with bleach. Not just to make look pretty but to kill off any bacteria that could be hanging around. Last thing you need island side is an infection. Bleach seems to be the best at blasting that. Hydrogen peroxide works pretty good on a lot of strains of bugs but can go the other way and really blow you up if that bug happens to be MRSA. When playing with bleach be careful of wearing jewelry around it. 14 Karat gold for example is a percentage number of gold to alloy. If that alloy happens to be high in nickel it can get real brittle and shatter in presence of bleach. Had it happen to a ring handed down to me by my old man.
    Well, way too pretty of a day to sit inside typing so will now go and find something to fix or upgrade. :)
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    When you get a rain like the one we got in Riviera yesterday its best to get down there and make sure all is right. I could see water line on 27 where it should be but as I got closer I could see a real mess...Red streaks running down from radio box and across helm. Uggggh!
    That shade screamed steering fluid, but from where and how did it get flowing like that. Crawled up into radio box on tower and found small drip coming from where one of the lines is connected to helm. I have a catch pan under it and that was filled with rain water that seeped in from under the controls, steering, wire traces, and compartment sliding doors. So volume of fluid wasn't all that bad it was just spread all over the place with overflowing water.
    It had worked down chase into main radio box above helm and continued down across helm and dash. From there it had even seeped down to counter in the head. Forward we had a second leak. Theres a phenomenon called "capillary effect" where water actually can run up hill and set up its own siphon. That happened at front hatch and luckily I had plastic totes under where it leaked.
    So, take pressure out of steering system. Disconnect hose that was leaking. Add thread tape. Add fluid and some pressure. Run back up top, bleed and tighten... Back down to helm, add more pressure, wheel back and forth a million turns and back working. Bust out the oil sorb mats and paper towels. Soak it up, clean it up, say bad words. Dry some things... Clean more, say more bad words, sweat, and put it all back together...
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    Did a half day on 27... Fair bit of dolphin and one blackfin. Could feel air making steering soft but not brutal. Almost afraid to crack open lines again after the other day. If I can get 3 days running with no issues I think I'll slide over the other side for a quickie...
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    Cracked open the lines and fluid was right there. Still couldn't get steering up top... Has to be air in the system someplace. Took her out just to work it through today. Down below shes tight but not so up in the tower. Managed a gaffer dolphin and a 12 pound wahoo while screwing around offshore...
    Back inside I rea read bleeding instructions. It calls for 60 turns each direction till tight! I had been doing just like 20 each way. 60 right, 60 left, crack em, repeat. Did three rounds of that and shoulder made me quit but getting tighter each pass. Tight enough that I was maxed out at 25 each way when I left. I'm thinking that one more reservoir top off and pre pressure should fix it right...

    Got home and had long talk with Chub insider. Lot of changes... I mean a lot and some real important ones. Gonna turn up heat and find a way to do a lot of fishing there this year. If 61 isn't sold and new boat in place by then I will guide a 65 Bertram over there for a month and get the 42 licensed for a run or two out there. May well do some time at Bimini as well with the private rigs...
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    Is work finally going to get under way to complete the club house and fix up the pool area? We stayed a night back in August in the marina and it's got a lot of potential. I'll definitely go back. Hooked up with a small blue marlin a couple miles offshore while trolling dolphin gear...that was fun...til she sounded and I couldn't get her back up.
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    Club house is about done... No more members. Now Chub Cay Resort. New electrical panels and breakers. Lots getting done. Lots to be done...
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    Compleat wrote: »
    Club house is about done... No more members. Now Chub Cay Resort. New electrical panels and breakers. Lots getting done. Lots to be done...

    for the 38th time...
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    This time its different. Not some grand enclave for a select few approach. Heading back to basics. Appears that the idea is to attract people back to there rather than try to keep them out. Other thongs I haven't discussed in the works to point to that being the plan.
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    Interesting few days in the wash... From two separate ends I have been asked to run tournaments again. A series in the islands and a lone wahoo event up in Georgia... Might just take em up on it.
    Long talk with 61 principals. I was getting worried at lack of communication but reason is simple. Boat is not done and probably several more weeks from getting that way. Just taking far longer than they anticipated. I know what its like misjudging how long something will take. More times than I can count, what should be a ten minute thing turns into all day affair or an hour one turns into better part of a week. Then you get into the "Fix one thing and find three more things that need fixing" situations. So still no firm dates but that uneasy feeling with no communication is taken care of.
    42 Owner and I getting together tomorrow or so to discuss some kind of plans for it... Good timing. Too rough to fish and hunting doesn't start for few days...
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    How big of a Viking are you getting?
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    Not at liberty to say... Lot bigger than the 61...

    42 Owner and I had a good meeting today. He originally met me while I was running Mirage and loved how we took an old boat and made it a really sharp machine. Wants to do the same to the Bertram and wants me to head that up between fishing runs while it appears I have some time on my hands. No time was wasted in reviewing notes I made while looking after her this summer. Without my help he already had acted on my recommendations regarding bottom and running gear. We selected some priorities from remaining list to tackle first. Before we called it a day, we had old instrument panel out. New one cut to accept new gauges we gathered up and had one of my buddies already replacing wiring for it... Piece by piece we'll get this old girl feeling young and sprite...
    Set some fishing dates local and a short run to islands for near future... Has interest in doing a longer term trip in the spring so will get to work on doing that right as well. At bare minimum it gets me back to work on the water along with the new tourney jobs to keep me busy until 61 is sold and new boat acquired there...
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    The 92 is a lot bigger than the 61....and those are all spoken for, lol.

    New build or shopping what's out there?
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    Owner has his eye on one particular boat out there... Doesn't want to show too much interest before negotiations complete. Can't blame him...

    Guy I'm friendly with pulled the trigger on a 92 but he's full up on crew. Have another owner out there who is slowly developing a working relationship with me that's eyeballing 82 and 92... That could be a "some day" thing...

    While all these big boats sound exotic I honestly get no ego rush. I look at em and judge them by their workability. Size might allow comfort to some degree but has nothing to do with how a boat raises fish, handles in tight spots, tracks in a given sea, or how good the access to key elements in the engine room. . I miss 43 bad.. That girl had game raising fish and I had full range of operating speeds. When boats get big they often lose that low end speed range. 61 for example is 7.2 knots at low idle or 6.4 low idle one engine in gear. No trolling valve to slow her further and she's faster than I like for several kinds of trolling. Around the dock quick bumps in gear she squats a few inches and jumps couple feet forward or back. 43 I could go inch by inch at a crawl and felt at ease in any slip with her. Gotta say though I do like the bow thruster on 61. So its give and take...
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    I don't know, size definitely made life easier in the ER for me, handling isn't too different from boat to boat other than the lead time to change a direction based on the weight/bulk. Even the 82 I ran could park in a tight slip and move/troll at barely perceptible speeds with the troll mode. Being able to roll 30 knots in almost anything is pretty impressive also.

    The thing that gets tough imo is the cockpit, it's high off the water and massive to cover with one guy, they need Nike's on.

    I ran a 61 and the ER was nice
    I ran a 65 and the ER was nicer
    I ran a 74 and the ER was nice, but could've been better and was improved on later hulls
    I ran an 82 and the ER was a dream

    The 92 looks like heaven...Viking does their homework, great boats overall. Best of luck with the new ride!!
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    The problem I have with the 61 is that they disabled the troll valve for her and the low idle was locked in at only 25 rpm off high idle. I gather the ECMs were changed along the way to be set like that. Big $$$ (New ECMs) to get them set back to where they should be. Boss doesn't want to make the investment on a boat thats going away. Its my understanding that all is functioning as its supposed to be on the newer bigger rig.
    Now you mention squirting along in the slop. Some boats can do it and some can't. I only had the 61 in big stuff once and she surprised me that she hopped and banged pretty hard. The newer 61 I ran part time a few years ago ate the big stuff up. Funny enough that 43 would run in the big just fine except she was wet. She only cruised at 27 but she'd do it in most anything I tossed at her. Only one wave in all those years got her to launch and that was my fault for not jacking her over a couple degrees off straight on.
    Space wise the 61 er is fine. Some components of the trannies can't be worked on short of uncoupling and jacking engines. Cooler and oil pumps don't last forever and they missed that in the design. Getting at certain pumps and plumbing in the pump room though was tougher than on the 43 that had all that stuff crammed in same room as engines, genset, a/c units, eskimo, freezer guts, etc. For example, I have to dismantle a tower of pumps and all the plumbing just to access live well pump. One of those hours long "ten minute" jobs...
    Pit on 61 is fine by me. Doesn't seem all that much different than the 43 height wise. Little wider but not bad. I'm mate less on that rig. Owner and his friends do their best but now and then I need to get down there to play traffic cop. After working express where it was three steps to get to the pit, took some getting used to getting back up on a tall bridge but not bad.

    Today I added a Southport to the toy pile for the season. For those that havn't played on one they are a pretty remarkable boat for their size. One of the driest 28 footers out there and soft ride as well. Owner is chomping at the bit to get swordfish with it. Wanted to go tonight but two batteries of the three were all the way dead and no cross charging from the one side we were able to light. By the time we got to dock, stored the trailer and got fresh batteries in her it was too late to round up a sword kit up there (Stuart). I have one ready to go here in PBG but would already be dark by the time I get back up there... If mother nature allows maybe tomorrow we'll shoot to the darkside.
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    Depending on the throttle head/switching box you have you can adjust (up/down) your idle rpm quite a bit with MTU, not sure what series you have, but I think M91 and later this is an option, might be worth a look. Pretty sure it's one of the "command" functions (like hit lo idle, troll, and station active all at once, 3 times...one of those deals). Similar to throttling up in neutral.

    The 61 I ran was a 2002 with the forward pump room, I think even on the "smaller" boats that they've gone to central seawater pumps similar to what they started running on the 70'+ models....makes life much easier and cleans up the ER. Hopefully, your new ride is set up with the new design. I've also grown to love Octoplex which is something I didn't think would happen.

    What year is the current 61?
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    Shes a 2001... Nope, the boxes they put in her are locked out and it sucks... Mirage I didn't have valves but could drop low idle all the way down to 400 with a series of button pushes like most have. That was first thing we looked at with this one. High idle is at 600 and low only drops to 575... Not sure how or who they got to do it that way. We changed ecm on Mirage and disabling functions was not even a consideration.
    The pump room for the most part is really a dream but this boat they built that "tower" for some of the pumps with so little room you can't squeeze even a right angle tool in to turn screws. The other side where the A/C and other pumps are located is real easy access. She also has great access to fuel system components in there (43 had thats stuff tacked to engines and little tight).
    42 owner upped the game today and has put me on steady part time schedule to do more fishing and piece by piece bring that girl around to better shape. That boat surprises me how food condition much if not most of the stuff is. Lot of the stuff that will be done will be me doing it and some needs attention from those that really know their stuff for particulars. Owner on that boat is great guy who is considerate of my time , leaving me free to work others on high demand days like weekends and understands what having a captain should be all about...
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    Hunted yesterday for something different to do. Didn't score but had a shot and had a pretty good time... Today with the rain I took some time in the 42 ER. Now we were talking about workable room? Well this one requires butter and a shoe horn just to get my skinny butt down in there. Adjusted the battery charger settings. They were set higher than I like and when you exceed 14 on a side you can count on shortening battery life... Changed out FW pimp while in there and found a FW hose that needs changing. Wanted to get under aft deck hatch for further digging but just too wet for comfort.
    Gave up and re re inspecting wahoo collection at home now. I do a lot of my stuff in single strand wire and un checked even humid air can set up an issue. The way I do it is to wet one of those blue shop towels with wd40, uncoil and wipe each leader. If rust is heavy or if I "feel" a rough spot I just change it. Some wonder why I use single strand? I spent years and years mako fishing up north and thats what we use there. I can twist the heavy stuff like a robot. In short lengths like we use for wahoo (so the lure doesn't drag behind them where another can clip you off at the snap) we don't get kinking issues and its inexpensive to just make new compared to cable rigs.
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    More hunting. More trips to the pier to stock up on Pompano. Went to 27 today intending to get in a fight with steering. Lower helm was fine as expected. Cracked the nuts up top and heard a hiss then fluid. Bingo! The air finally worked its way up and out without a big fight. Engines were happy to light right up and I decided to slide out. One lone dolphin during the short ride was the only thing that needed tending to. Boat ran and felt right. I have said it before that if I get three trouble free days back to back I'm probably gonna slide over that side...
    42 owner adding trips both this side and other. 61 still idle. 28 wants to do a couple island side rides as well...
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    Took the 42 through her paces in the rough stuff today. Good idea to "shake down" once in a while... Picked off a good wahoo, a dolphin and came up a few feet short of clean release of what looked to be a white marlin (Can not be 100% sure as never put dorsal up). Owner and I discussed Islands stuff. We have that one run in few weeks. Then planning on Chub if we get enough interest. Stumbling block is flights there, can't find any...
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    Ok, 42 needs a chair... Nothing fancy. 2 rod holders on sides and gimbal in front. Portable or pedestal... Doesn't have to be new... Anybody got a suggestion?
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