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Port of the Islands on Saturday?

Couple of buddies and I are thinking of going out Port of the Islands this Saturday.
There's possibly a cold front (how "cold" in Oct???) moving thru late Saturday.
My question to those in the know is do you think this will slow down fishing prospects.
Has the fresh water from all the rain had an impact?
We usually get reds, black drum and a few trout from this area.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.



  • SRThunter87SRThunter87 Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    There is a tournament being run out of Port of the Isles this Saturday starting at 6am so there are going to be a lot of boats there so may not be the best place to go. Goodland and running south may be your best bet if your wanting to fish that area. As far as the fishing goes, we've been getting good slot reds all over with a few trout here and there. One black drum last sat evening that was pretty decent size. All have been caught on the adjacent bays from the gulf so the fresh water hasnt seemed to be that much of a factor.
  • Fishin' MusicianFishin' Musician Posts: 92 Deckhand
    Yeah, I just heard about the tourney, Romp in the Swamp, or something.
    Thanks so much for the good info. We're setting up for a different weekend.
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