Water Quality-Charlotte Harbor\Boca Grande


Will be fishing in Charlotte Harbor\Boca Grande area Friday and Saturday this week. Was curious how the water quality is right now with all the rain.

Also, any fish reports from Bull bay and West Wall.



  • Real VReal V Posts: 465 Officer
    The bite is on good luck. There is alot of hyhisens floating around the 75 and 41 bridges with all this rain, but the rain helped the fishing around the bridges. As for Bull and turtle I do not know. In the past that area has stayed clear.
  • PescadoPescado Posts: 76 Greenhorn
    thanks for the info
  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,356 Admiral
    Very clear for this time of year.
    Love it.
  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,112 Captain
    Where I fish in the Charlotte Harbor it's brown... but it pretty much is always brown there so no biggie. :)
    Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
    Captain Keith Magnussen - Crooked Rod Charters
  • NedNed Posts: 44 Deckhand
    I live in PGI and I cant even see the bottom the water is so dark. And thats with a snook light on my dock.
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