Sanibel or Marco Island?

Hey SW members,

Im here in Estero going to school and am thinking of making a little fishing trip with my roommate soon to get some beach fishing done. I fish out of Bonita Beach a lot, and its ok fishing. I wanted to make a little trip and explore other parts of the region that I have never fished before. Would you guys recommend trying Sanibel or Marco island? They are both about 35-40 minutes away from me, and from what I have read both have great fishing. I will be wading or beach fishing, but I dont mind walking far distances. We catch our own bait with a cast net and target snook generally. We dont mind starting at dawn or fishing in the afternoon until dark. If any of you guys need some tips for the West Central region, I post in there all summer when I am back home fishing and working. Thanks for any advice.
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