Red grouper prospecting

Got an invite to fish on a boat owned by a friend of a friend's. We had fished this boat a couple of months ago and caught two red grouper and our limit of Lanes. Since that trip we have been planning to get out again. Yesterday we were able to get out.

We left Doctor's Pass west to about 45 feet. Ran upon some nice bottom and began drifting. Got broke off several times and ended up catching one lane, a grunt, and many blue runners of all sizes. We decided to pick up and run NW to 65 feet west of Fort Myers Beach. Began drifting and prospecting with little action.

We ended up working our way back south due west of Doctors and began drifting around 1:00 in 75 feet of water. The red grouper were active but a lot of shorts. We finally put a keeper in the boat. Slowly we started adding more keepers. At around 2:00 they turned on with us ending the day with 8 keepers and 40 to 50 shorts.

Baits used were all cut bait including squid, butterflied blue runners, sardines, and ladyfish. We also had very good luck with SPRO jigs and the rod placed in the rod holder. Pretty cool how they responded to the jig. We had a great time and learned a few areas for the future.


  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,663 Moderator
    Nice going . Thanks for your prompt report.
  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    Nice trip, post up some pics. I sent you a PM
  • Angler22Angler22 Posts: 85 Deckhand

    We didn't take too many pictures while on the boat but here are a few of the fish back at the dock.
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  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,356 Admiral
    You may have overshot the main school. Don't be afraid to try some spots in 40-55 on the way out.
  • Angler22Angler22 Posts: 85 Deckhand
    Thanks Nuclear! I will give it a shot.
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