Seeing Red 9/27/14

It's been a while since I've posted. I'm not so sure people really want to see my mug holding a fish, but since I took the women fishing I'm willing to share! :) Went to CK after church to see if we could scare up a few reds. My wife is currently attaining her doctorate in education so she needed to relax on the boat and I was happy to oblige! I enjoy fishing as much as the next guy but I REALLY like putting my wife on fish!! Her friend Sophie tagged along as well (oh darn :wink ). The weather called for wind, rain, and limited sun. Luckily for us the wind died down and the sun came out!

Sophie started us out with her first ever red on her first cast! She turned and looked at me and said " My rod is doing something" haha I laughed as she reeled in the 21" red. I set her up on a circle hook which turned out to be perfect for her! I like to start the newbies out on circle hooks because they tend to gut hook every fish that bites with a J hook.

April, my wife, followed shortly after with her 22" red.

Then the girls got a double hook up. Must have been a small school that swam by because they were hooked up back to back! April's was a keeper, but Sophie's had to grow up a little. It was legal, but we could afford to be picky and I don't usually keep them unless they're over 20".

The girls took a break to eat which allowed the bait boy to get in on the catching action! SO kind of them haha

We were about out of time when April's reel started screaming as the line left the spool! I wasn't sure if it had any size until it boiled at the top! Her largest red to date at 29" long and 8lbs 7oz! It is an awesome feeling to put her on a red like that! :Rockon

We ended up keeping a limit of reds. Some for Sophie and some for my parents. All the reds were caught on cut mullet. We didn't catch 1000 reds but the ones that we did catch in the limited time we were out made it a quality trip! But when we got home the bait boy turned into the clean the fish in the rain boy. Oh well at least it was nice on the water!

Special bonus pic since I LOVE her facial expression! This is actually the LARGEST fish she has ever caught. It was over 37" which is where my measuring stick stops! I LOVED watching her reel this one in for around 15 mins haha


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