Rough seas, Red grouper, and a pleasant surprise

Headed out before the sunrise on Saturday to break in the new boat and bend some rods. 2-4ft seas first stop was at 80 ft where we managed only a few short reds. picked up and ran out to 115', found some nice bottom but then the sonar stopped working, seas built to 5+ caught a few good fish and then ran around blindly drifting and managed to fill the box. while on drift we were greeted by a very unusual sight for our coast. About 150lb sailfish was right beneath the boat! I proceeded to throw a few live whitebait to him to keep him around until I could grab a rod which happened to be a stradic 3000, but I didn't care I was too excited I just wanted to get a hook in it. I pitched a hooked bait right behind the boat and watched him toy with it for a few minutes before he took it and made a blazing run! when it made the first jump I realized I had not hooked the big one but yet a 30-35 pounder. I don't know how many others were down there but it was definitely an unexpected surprise and a memory I will never forget. My first sail on the first run of our new boat on my home waters of Southwest Florida!
Ride back in was much nicer, cruised at 40 mph and got around a storm that was waiting for us at Boca.
Thanks everyone for reading and sorry for lack of pictures but here's a few..


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