Snapper & Grouper in 40' 9/27 & Boat Races 9/28

My son and I headed out from Ozona around 7:30am to catch bait and make the run to 40' to target snapper, grouper and kings. Brought shrimp with us and quickly filled the livewell with 8" mullet, greenbacks, grunts and pins.

Passing north of Honeymoon birds where everywhere and the water was boiling with big schools of jacks exploding on the white bait. Not wanting to pass up some guaranteed action I put my son to work on the bow, and it didn't take long to get wore out fighting those little 1lb bruisers. I lost count around 6.


Seas were bumpy at 2-3' but the Pathfinder handled it well out to 40'. We anchor up on the spot and I ask my son how he was feeling. His response, "what do you think I'm going to get sick"... lol "No, but if you do make sure it's over the side". He was fine all day. We put out a flat line with a mullet under a balloon, but no takers. Did have a keeper cobia circle the boat, but he swam off. The current was ripping so light tackle and shrimp wasn't cutting it. Moved up to heavier tackle and immediately got action on live pin fish. The bite didn't last long as we were quickly surrounded by dive boats for the rest of the trip. Some fat snapper and a nice gag came home with us. Wanting to beat the rain we booked it in and had the boat washed up by 2pm.



Sunday we went out to the boat races. The boys wanted to fish while we were out there so we brought some squid and I let them fill up the livewell with grunts, pins and blue runners. The races had a good turn out and it was a nice afternoon before the storms rolled in, but we were long gone by then.

My grunt slayer...

You can't see him in the pic but Paul Sr from Orange County Choppers was aboard the Geico boat...


  • stpetebaitmanstpetebaitman Posts: 892 Officer
    Awesome. They sure look happy. They will not forget that.

    The fondest memory I have when I was a kid was when my dad would let me throw my 4ft cast net on the bait we chummed up after he threw the net and had enough bait for the day.
  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 2,937 Moderator
    Some nice 40 footers for the grill, way to go Capt. Dad!
  • 23Dusky23Dusky Posts: 56 Deckhand
    Very cool. Thanks for the report.
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