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It had been almost 2 months since last time I went for some Snakehead. I been trying to focus on saltwater a lot lately, trying to find big Snook and Tarpon of any size just to take it off my list from the yak. Thursday I had a debate on going for Snook or going for Snakeheads so I headed out for Snook and caught a small one, so Friday I decided to go and catch some Snakehead and try out my new camera mount from the guys at YakAttack which I placed in the front of my kayak so I can make more interesting videos and take still shots when I fish alone.

I headed out to my favorite spot in Coral Springs and I noticed the water level had raised a lot. It has been raining just about everyday so I wasn't surprised. I got all my gear ready and launched the Trident 13. As usual I was using a top water soft plastic frog. I love the small Ribbit frogs, black or green in color and using 6/0 Owner hooks for them. Small frog, big hook, this allows the Snakehead to take the whole frog and increases the chances of hooking them to about 75%. Another trick that works is putting some Pro-Cure on your frog and allowing the fish to dive down with it for 2 to 3 seconds then set the hook hard. If it tastes good then they won't let it go. To go back to the story I did the usual cast the bank and keep moving technique and I caught a bass and 2 snakeheads the biggest being 30 inches long and gave me a nice fight and an awesome topwater hit. She came from under a dock and swallowed the frog.

Here is a little picture and a youtube video of the outing! Thanks for reading and watching! I am no expert but if you have any questions let me know. Tight lines.


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Thanks for reading

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