Sloppy offshore report 9-26-14

Had a day trip on Friday. Have to say I wasn't pleased with the weather forecast, but we sailed anyway. It was as I thought, pretty sloppy offshore. Fishing was less than stellar to start the day. The tide was running hard up into the wind, and the fish simply did not want to bite.

By 1:30 we had a couple dozen lanes and grunts on board, no keeper grouper. The wind died off a bit and the tide looked as if it was changing so I made the decision to run offshore to about 75 feet of water. The bite opened up around 2, we limited out on red grouper in about 35 minutes for four people. Nothing really exceptional, largest grouper was about 8 pounds.

Returned home to find we fortunately escaped a massive downpour in the Iona area, many low lying areas had over a foot of standing water. Fished to the SW of Sanibel. Originally wanted to hit some stuff in about 90 feet, but cut it back on the ride out as it was a solid 3-5 in the morning. Started in 55 feet. Spots looked fishy, but the morning bite was horrible.


  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,664 Moderator
    It has been a rough ride this summer. You can see that by how few reports we are getting.
    Thanks for your report.
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