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Looking for the cheapest deals on mirrorlures, bombers, rattle traps, rapalas, or zara spooks. Willing to buy second hand lures on the DL


  • HowieDHowieD Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Hi... I saw your post... about looking for Lures.... Like rattletraps, Rapalas, etc..... I can hook you up with plenty at about half retail...I have LOTS!!! I probably have over 50 brand new in packages Raps last (all kinds) and maybe 50+ in Tackle boxes... At least 20+ rattle traps.... I've got about 50 of those flat Plano boxes loaded with Lures of all types....My name is Howie and I'm in Boynton Beach... You can call anytime... 757 621-2220...You can come by and pick what you like... Hopefully you live fairly close by... Because I don't ship...
  • spearhead@eyelivetofi5h[email protected] Posts: 148 Officer
    Yea @HowieD id defiantly like to seem some pictures
  • Dick O'DDick O'D Posts: 72 Deckhand
    If you are interested I'll take pictures and be better able to more accurately describe what I have.
    I have the following:Thanks **** O'D

    Mag Poppers; 10) 5” 1oz & 6) 4” ¾oz
    Crystal Minnows; 7) 5&1/4” 1oz & 2) 4&1/2” ¾oz
    Live Bait; 4) 5&1/8” 1oz

    19 -MirrOlures
    2/ 84LSR
    1/ S84MR Top dog Jr.
    4/ 95MR He Dog
    2/ 16MR
    1/ 19MR suspending
    1/ TT8081
    2/ S25MR
    6/ 52M SINKER
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