2014 Custom double cockpit jet runabout





2014 double cockpit, jet powered, custom runabout $25,000 OBO

A toy that no one else has.

Custom built in 2014, hull is a wood/epoxy/fiberglass composite. While she has the looks of a wood classic, the hull is completely glassed inside and out. Turns heads everywhere.

Hull: Hull was designed from the start to be powered by modern 4 stroke jet pump power. Hull is an Okoume, epoxy resin, biaxial fiberglass composite. She combines the best of a classic design with all the performance of modern materials. The maintenance on this boat is the same as a 100% fiberglass boat.

Engine: Engine and pump are from kawasaki. 1500cc, 140 hp, 4 stroke motor with matching jet pump. Service/parts/maintenance for this boat are as simple as a jet ski. Engine and pump have under 40 hours use with a recent fresh service

Finishing touches: Engine scoops and vents are pre-war original Chris Craft. All deck hardware is 316 stainless. Dash panels are a custom carbon/kevlar laminate. Under seats is storage and room to install a separate 12 volt system (if you want sound system or lights). Under rear seats, there are two insulated boxes, enough to hold more than a few of your favorite beverages.

Performance: This boat is handles like a jet fighter. She will accelerate fast enough o put you back in the seat, and reach 50 mph with a light load. She turns on a dime and can even be spun out. Anyone who takes a ride for the first time will have a case of perma-grin. Daft is only 6" at rest and. Total hull weight is under 1000 pounds so she can be towed by almost any vehicle.

Trailer: brand new aluminum trailer. LED lights. Torsion axles.

We built this boat as a prototype to show off our new design and to demonstrate new products which we used in construction. The new owner may want to have some extra features installed and maybe some extra interior trim, but she is fully operational as is and ready to turn heads. Price is somewhat flexible, but she is priced very close to replacement cost.

Joel Shine
(please contact via email or PM) [email protected]

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